As many of our clients, friends and visitors of our website know, this year the company GESTORIA UKRAINE-PLUS celebrated its 8 years anniversary!

And on this occasion were issued GIFT CERTIFICATES of 500 UAH and 1000 UAH.

GIFT CERTIFICATE from our company – a good addition to the gift for birthdays, professional holidays, name days and just, so you can express gratitude or do something nice for friends, relatives and friends.

If you wish, you can use the Certificate as a gift for any event for your relatives and friends who are not our clients, they can use it to pay for our legal and accounting services.

The conditions for using the certificate can be found below:

  • Terms of use of certificates
  1. The price of the certificates is determined by the Par value of the certificates.
  2. The certificate recipient has the right to exchange the certificate for a discount for the Company’s services.
  3. The discount on the Company’s services, according to the face value of the certificate shall NOT exceed 50% of the cost of such services.
  4. The exchange of certificates for a discount on the services of the Company is carried out at the location of the Company: 04074, Kiev, Novozabarskaya str. 2/6.
  5. The certificate may NOT be partially used and the face value of the certificate is NOT subject to sharing.
  6. The Payee may transfer the Certificates to third parties without separate approval of such transfer by the Company.
  7. The certificate is NOT exchangeable for cash.
  8. The certificate is not refundable.
  9. The Recipient has the right to activate the Certificate and exchange it for a discount for the Company’s services only once.
  10. Certificates are valid from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. After the expiration date of the certificate, the certificate loses its validity, and its holder loses the right to receive a discount on the Company’s services. The par value of the certificate is NOT refundable to the certificate holder.
  • Timeline
  1. “Certificate” – a tangible medium, made in the form of plastic cards with an individual decent number and QR-code, which certifies the holder’s right to receive a discount on services provided by the Company.
  2. “Company” – LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “GESTORIA UKRAINE – PLUS”, Which is registered and acting in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, identification code under the USREOU: 38403314, location: 04074, c. Kiev, Novozabarskaya str. 2/6.
  3. “certificate holder” means the person in possession of a certificate.
  4. “Certificate denomination” – the nominal value of the certificate, within which discounts on the Company’s services are provided.
  5. “Certificate Validity Period” – the string during which the certificate holder has the right to exchange the certificate for a discount on the Company’s services.
  6. “Services of the Company” – services that are provided according to the list located on the Company’s website by the Company’s partners: Gestoria Ukraine LLC, Leshchynska A.L. LLC and AF Kyiv Auditor LLC.