Юридическая помощь в Киеве


A little about the pain.

Unfortunately, this fall our company had to face the problem of finding a chief accountant. I was so impressed by this ungrateful lesson that I decided to write about it.
The first shock for us was a sharp and, in my opinion, unjustified jump in the level of salaries of accountants in the labor market. This does not mean that an accountant does not deserve a decent reward for his work. It’s just that the number of employers who can painlessly offer such a salary in the labor market has not grown, companies have not found it easier to survive in the current environment, a sharp increase in profitability of small and medium-sized businesses, I have not seen. The level of wages claimed by applicants in November 2019 increased by more than 50% compared to the beginning of the year and exceeded UAH 30,000.

But this is not the most important thing. It is horrible that 90% of the candidates listened to are people who have a rather superficial idea of ​​accounting, the level of such a candidate does not correspond to even UAH 10,000. These are obvious fraudsters who write fancy resumes, cover themselves with “fashionable” accounting certificates, talk about their vast experience and experience, and cannot answer the most basic professional questions.

Many employers naively believe that if they offer a higher salary, they will get a professional accountant. Mistake, checked on myself this fall. For a salary of UAH 30,000. send resumes and come the same people we did not take before, almost for nothing.

Unfortunately for the profession, the intellectual level of candidates for the position of chief or sole accountant does not even reach the assistant. This year, sorry, the impudence is simply outrageous. They are not even ashamed when they realize that they are not hired, then they say in my eyes, I quote: “I just can’t sell myself expensively. Here is my friend, she is generally stupid, so she settled in her thirties, and the management still can’t check what she’s doing there … “.

I appeal to business representatives, top management, managers and owners. Do not allow yourself to be deceived, do not allow such swindlers to kill the business to which you have dedicated years, invested money and health. Such a grief accountant can cause enormous damage to your company in just a few months of work, and then write a statement and be fired in 14 days without any responsibility for their actions. After a month of daily interviews, I decided to invite business representatives to test the candidates you want to hire for a nominal fee. You can also test an accountant who already works for you so that there is no doubt about his competence.

For only 1000 hryvnias you will be able to protect your business from such an accountant – a “criminal” and will not be fooled by such scammers with a chic resume. A thousand hryvnias is nothing compared to the financial losses that you may incur together with a new “experienced” employee.