August 22 awarding of outstanding personalities took place, the merits of which are evidence of high patriotism and civic consciousness.

At the ceremony, Elena Leshchynskaya, the leader and head of the “GESTORIA Ukraine -Plus” group of companies, was awarded the highest international public award – the Ukrainian-French Order of Queen Anne “Honor of the Fatherland” on a silver star. Congratulations!

“My dear friends! I want to share news with you. I was honored and was awarded the Order of Queen Anne on a silver star for my highly professional work and devoted service to Ukraine! “, – Elena wrote on her Facebook.

The ceremony was held at the Mariinsky Palace, the order was awarded with the corresponding protocol honors under the state flag of Ukraine, in the presence of an armed military guard of honor. The ceremony was attended by generals and officers of the highest category of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The ceremony was held by the People’s Artist of Ukraine Oles Zadniprovsky. Also at the ceremony that day were awarded singer Antonina Matvienko, Ukrainian rock musician and front man of the Vopli Vidoplyasova group Oleg Skrypka and other prominent personalities and figures of Ukraine.

The Order of Queen Anne “Honor of the Fatherland” on silver, gold and diamond stars is awarded in Ukraine and France for personal wisdom and courage, high education and culture, tolerance, fidelity to duty, charity, virtues and deeds of high valor and honor, aimed at the benefit of the people and state.

On the forty-eight rayed spherical star, on a separate parabolic ellipse, there is a bas-relief of the Queen, entwined with a laurel wreath and ribbons. On the bottom – the Queen’s signature logo in Old Slavonic letters, which means ANNA REGINA – ANNA QUEEN, on the top – the inscription in French, “Ma mort na pas errete ma vie”, which translates, “My death did not stop my life.”

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