Юридическая помощь в Киеве


A little about the pain. Unfortunately, this fall our company had to face the problem of finding a chief accountant. I was so impressed by this ungrateful lesson that I decided to write about it. The first shock for us was a sharp and, in my opinion, unjustified jump in the level of salaries of […]
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Company news GESTORIA Ukraine: August 22, Elena Leshchynskaya was awarded the highest international public award

August 22 awarding of outstanding personalities took place, the merits of which are evidence of high patriotism and civic consciousness. At the ceremony, Elena Leshchynskaya, the leader and head of the “GESTORIA Ukraine -Plus” group of companies, was awarded the highest international public award – the Ukrainian-French Order of Queen Anne “Honor of the Fatherland” […]
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