Tourism sector is facing new challenges and more sophisticated demand today. The team of Gestoria Ukraine-Plus has the tools to deliver on target of any complexity towards this very industry.



There is no doubt that Ukraine has a great potential for tourism industry. There are many destinations and tourist attractions throughout the country that are famous all over the world. In addition to this, active leisure and sports tourism become more and more widespread in Ukraine. One more thing that should be emphasized is that Ukraine gives the possibilities to bring together pleasure and usefulness. It means that there are a lot of health resorts within Ukraine, which are well-known not only in Ukraine, but in other countries of the world. Moreover, Ukrainian picturesque nature has always lured with its beauty and is still attractive for many people as in Ukraine, as abroad. In fact, every year the number of tourists in Ukraine grows on 15-20%.



Analyzing the favorable factors for the growth of tourism industry in Ukraine, a number of challenges within this sector may be discovered. As the tourism industry is closely connected with other industries, it is important to monitor the trends not only in the tourism area, but in all related industries.  After all, tourism in Ukraine needs quality improvements, reasonable investments and rational management system implementation.


However, there are a lot of percpectives for tourism development in Ukraine, what enable the country to decently compete with other countries in tourism sector. Thoroughly developed strategies and necessary professional support will benefit any business and help to avoid and prevent troubles. Our experienced lawyers, auditors, accountants and marketers always help you to make the most rational decisions for your business.


We will give you the legal advice and recommendations for avoiding financial risks and ensure cost-efficient operations in accordance with applicable law. We also provide high quality audit services, accounting advice, financial consulting, and guarantee that your tax records will always be well-prepared on time.


Our range of services is quite broad, including the following options:


  • Legal services
  • Company establishing
  • Accounting services
  • Auditing services


  • Agrarian sector
  • Pharmaceutics
  • IT-industry and technologies
  • Building and real estate
  • Insurance activity
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • International trade
  • A tourist sector


  • Family law
  • Housing law
  • Labor law
  • Taxation
  • Real estate
  • Land law
  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property
  • Securities
  • Banking and Finance Law

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