Company Gestoria Ukraine-Plus provides accounting services for entrepreneurs, companies and large corporations. We provide preparation and submission of financial and tax reporting, accounting in enterprises of different forms of ownership and tax regimes.

Accounting services for enterprises and entrepreneurs

Accounting is an invariable component of any business. Much depends on the experience, knowledge and professionalism of the accountant: the legality of operations, the likelihood of fines and inspections, financial risks and peace of mind of business owners.

There is a tendency in Ukraine to outsource non-core business processes. The advantages of accounting services are obvious – saving time, money and nerves. Specialists cope with the questions posed faster and better. Extensive experience and knowledge of accounting support for firms of different forms of ownership, control of changes in legislation eliminates the possibility of mistakes, the price of which is too high.

Why accounting services – it is profitable?

Accounting services and business support by specialized companies allows you to reduce economic risks. Why outsourcing is more profitable than the accounting services of a full-time employee?

Quality and reliability

Specialists of companies engaged in accounting services for organizations, constantly monitor updates and changes in Ukrainian legislation, always have up-to-date information. Conclusion of a contract for the provision of accounting services reduces economic risks. All the reports are submitted on time. There is less chance of errors in accounting, unscheduled inspections and penalties from the controlling bodies. The owner of the business can concentrate on its core business, not wasting time searching for information, tracking changes in laws, bookkeeping, entrusting these accounting services to outsourcers.

Cost reduction

The work of an accountant necessarily involves attending seminars, auditing companies to get answers to current questions and other advice. When ordering an accounting service, you can avoid the cost of increasing your knowledge and skills. In addition, businesses and individual entrepreneurs are spared the following costs:

  • monthly payment of specialists’ salaries;
  • payment of taxes and fees;
  • organization of the workplace;
  • purchase of office equipment;
  • purchase of licensed software.

Accounting services are paid for the actual amount of work performed. The taxable base can be reduced by this amount.


By ordering accounting services for the company, its owner is insured against late delivery of reports in the case of an unexpected dismissal of a specialist. A servicing company is responsible for the accounting services provided and the maintenance of a private entrepreneur within the framework of the agreement signed by the parties.  In the case of inspection by the supervisory authorities, the specialists of the servicing firm provide comprehensive support and maintenance at all stages. There is no risk associated with incompetence, lack of knowledge of the staff accountant, there is no need to worry about the performance of his duties during a sick leave or vacation.

What guarantees does the client get

When ordering accounting services in the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” we guarantee:

  1. Accounting services are rendered by highly qualified specialists with great practical experience and knowledge. Professional competence confirmed by diplomas and qualification. Tracking all changes in Ukrainian legislation. We invest in professional development, our staff are regularly trained to exchange knowledge and experience with experts.
  2. At the conclusion of the contract for accounting services for legal entities individual entrepreneurs, LLC, Open Joint Stock Company, in detail prescribed terms of cooperation, terms and guarantees. Drawing up of statements, the accounting is in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Company specialists have no direct access to finances, we form payment orders, and the client signs and sends them. Keys to the client-bank with limited access, which excludes any wrongdoing.
  3. Financial responsibility. Obligations when rendering services by an accounting firm are listed in the contract. If an accountant makes a mistake, which leads to penalties, responsibility is imposed on our company. This also applies to untimely submission of reports to tax authorities, mistakes in payment details.
  4. Information obtained in the course of providing accounting services is confidential. We guarantee non-disclosure of this data to third parties, with the exception of providing to regulatory authorities as part of an audit (with the written permission of the client). All data is stored on a secure server or in the cloud, access to information is provided to a limited number of employees, accountants for the maintenance of the given LLC, PE or others.
  5. Positive result. Under the signed contract for accounting service, we conduct an audit and provide the results to the owner of the company. We give recommendations on optimizing taxation and accounting. We prepare the company for inspections by regulatory authorities and provide support during the audit. Positive dynamics as a result of accounting support of private entrepreneurs or LLC by our specialists confirmed by numerous reviews of clients.
  6. Compliance with deadlines. Accounting support of organizations implies strict compliance with accounting requirements, reporting deadlines, payment of taxes and fees. Each specialist of our company is personally responsible for failure to comply with obligations.

We prepare a full package of documents to be presented to the controlling authorities during the inspection. We will help to give objective answers to all questions of inspectors.

How do we provide accounting services for LLC and private entrepreneurs?

Accountancy services from “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” will help to cope with the tasks more quickly and more qualitatively. Specialists of accounting firm can better and more objectively assess the situation in the economy and track changes in legislation, than staff accountant.

We work in the following order:

  1. Information gathering. Analysis and evaluation of primary documentation, tax and financial statements.
  2. Audit of the maintenance and organization of accounting, accounting policy.
  3. Data processing. Entering information into programs for submitting reports, forming payrolls, etc.
  4. Calculation of taxes and control over timeliness of payment. The amount of tax liabilities is calculated in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Formed payment orders are sent to the entrepreneur or head of the enterprise for signature and payment.
  5. Creating reports. Generation of declarations and reports for submission to the tax authorities and funds.
  6. Preparation for the inspection. Assistance to entrepreneurs and enterprises in the preparation of documents for the regulatory authorities. Support of the procedure and competent answers to all questions of inspectors.

Accounting services for private entrepreneurs and enterprises

Entrepreneurs Enterprises
Submission of reports Accounting for business operations
Payment of unified tax and unified social contribution (control over changes in details and rates) Preparation of declarations of income tax, VAT and 1-DF
Reconciliations with the Internal Revenue Service Checking tax invoices
Accrual and payment of income tax by individuals and private entrepreneurs Payroll and deductions
Maintaining ledgers HR records
Accrual of taxes / fees and reporting of employees Drawing up reports on the Unified Social Contribution, contributions to the Social Insurance Fund, statistical reporting
Control over primary documentation Sending reports electronically
Providing answers to any questions relating to the current activities of the entrepreneur Advice on tax and accounting issues, changes in legislation

We specialize in accounting and tax accounting in various industries

Gestoria Ukraine-Plus has a special offer of accounting and tax accounting and services for individual industries and activities:

  • non-profit enterprises – non-profit, public organizations, charitable foundations;
  • manufacturing enterprises;
  • companies of the agricultural sector;
  • IT-companies;
  • associations of co-owners of an apartment building;
  • firms selling excisable goods;
  • security companies;
  • attorneys, notaries;
  • medical centers;
  • Enterprises of foreign economic activity;
  • pharmacies;
  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • cafes, restaurants, catering facilities;
  • the business of construction;
  • transportation;
  • repair of equipment, office equipment;
  • tourism and recruitment agencies;
  • alternative energy sector, etc.

We have favorable offers on the services of an accountant private entrepreneur 1, 2 and 3 groups.


What is the cost of accounting services?

Prices for accounting and bookkeeping services depend on the following aspects:

  • type of activity – trade, production, foreign economic activity;
  • number of employees;
  • number of operations and reports;
  • taxation system.

When contacting specialists will calculate the exact cost of services for accounting.

The cost of an accountant for private entrepreneurs and legal entities

Category Price per month, UAH.
private entrepreneur 1 groups from 500,00
private entrepreneur 2, 3 groups from 1000,00
self-employed entrepreneur on the common system Agreed
Legal entities under the Unified tax rate of 5% from 1700,00
Legal entities under Unified tax at the rate of 3% + VAT from 2500,00
General system with VAT from 2800,00
HR records from 500,00
One-time consultations from 700,00
Express audit Agreed

Why choose us?

  1. Taxation optimization

Private entrepreneurs and companies are forced to lose part of their income due to the wrong taxation system. Accounting services for private entrepreneurs include analysis and advice on choosing the optimal tax regime, which helps save on mandatory payments.

  1. HR records management

The hiring of employees requires compliance with labor and tax laws. This applies not only to monthly deductions and the timely submission of reports, but also to the processing of hiring/firing, vacations, sick leave, indexing, accrual of extra pay for overtime, holidays, and night work.

The services of an accountant for private entrepreneurs and legal entities with employees include:

  • maintaining HR records, filling personal cards, control over the provision of documents for employment (taking into account the specifics of the company);
  • calculation of salaries, sick pay, vacation pay and other additional payments in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • calculation of taxes/fees and control over timely payment;
  • preparation of reports to the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and Tax Service for hired employees.

Entrusting the provision of services to professionals, the private entrepreneur or the head of the company can be confident in the correct execution of labor relations.

  1. Preparing for a tax audit

A visit from the tax authorities is always bad timing, but you have to be prepared for it. The accounting service for companies includes a preliminary check of documents and consultations. At this stage we will advise you how to find the best possible solution to your questions. In case of violation of inspectors we will prepare objections to revise the results of audit or prepare an appeal to court, and will obtain a fair decision. We will provide accounting services at the highest level and peace of mind for the business owner.


Wholesale, retail

Agricultural sector

Mass Media

Advertising agencies

The property

Hotel and restaurant business


IT industry and technologies

Medicine and pharmaceuticals


Chemical industry

Food industry

Non-profit, charitable organizations


Hotel industry


Travel business

International trade