Accounting is one of the important components of any company or individual entrepreneur.

The company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provides accounting services at a high professional level.

Our accountants are highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience, provide a full range of accounting services “turnkey”, including the preparation of all types of tax and financial reporting, bookkeeping in different areas of economic activity and with any level of complexity.


Accounting services from Gestoria Ukraine-Plus:

  • Accounting outsourcing for businesses and individuals;
  • Accounting for individual entrepreneurs;
  • Reporting, including zero reporting (annual, quarterly monthly);
  • Building an accounting model for IT companies;
  • Transformation of IFRS reporting;
  • Personnel management;


Who needs accounting services

Accounting outsourcing services are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, including individual entrepreneurs, non-resident companies and large enterprises. This also applies to personnel record-keeping, as this service provides real help in resolving issues of current labor legislation.


We guarantee timely, high quality services. Without competent accounting it is very difficult to ensure the correct and smooth operation of even the most successful company.


In order to find the right service, we recommend contacting us individually. We are always ready to advise you and offer the best solution for your issue.