Outsourced accounting services are used by representatives of different business spheres in Ukraine, as it is reliable and profitable. Outsourcing of auxiliary functions of the company will ensure cost minimization and reduction of tax risks. Outsourcing company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provides accounting services in Kyiv. We serve small, medium and large businesses.

What is accounting outsourcing

Delegating accounting functions is outsourcing. All accounting functions are performed by a specialized firm on the basis of a contract. The list of outsourcing services includes bookkeeping, tax accounting, preparation of reports, tax optimization and interaction with tax authorities. In other words, outsourced accounting is a comprehensive accounting support of all operations by a third-party organization.

Staff accountant or accounting outsourcing

A staff accountant, in addition to conducting operations and submitting reports, must keep track of all changes in legislation. An accountant on the staff is always in the workplace and it is certainly convenient for the manager, but it does not always indicate that the accounting is done correctly and reports are submitted on time.

An on-staff accountant can have difficulty working with the programs. Not uncommon is a negligent attitude to work. Complicating matters is the manager’s inability to check the maintenance of accounting records. Together, these factors carry great risks for the company, including the sudden dismissal of an accountant without transferring documentation and access to the programs. In the case of fines for improper bookkeeping, it is difficult to hold an accountant accountable.

At the same time, hiring a specialist on staff entails a lot of financial costs:

  • payment of salary;
  • payment of taxes and deductions;
  • organization of the workplace;
  • payment for the auditor’s services;
  • purchase of software;
  • payments for subscriptions and seminars.

The financial well-being of a company depends on the quality of the work of a staff accountant. In practice, business executives cannot check the accountant properly, years later they find out about fines or deficiencies in accounting. The requirements for an accountant come down to a simple thing – the timely submission of reports, but what kind of figures are indicated in these reports managers do not know and cannot check.

Outsourcing of accounting by a verified company is an opportunity to see the real picture of financial results, to prevent unforeseen costs and penalties. Outsourced accounting services are provided under contract.

Accountant services outsourced to businesses in Kyiv

Among the management trends is the outsourcing of accounting. This is due to the high qualification in accounting of the employees of the outsourcing company, knowledge of the latest changes in legislation in different areas of business.

The advantages that can be obtained by outsourcing accounting to Gestoria Ukraine-Plus:

  1. You outsource your accounting to a company consisting of a team of experienced accountants, personnel specialists, lawyers and tax consultants.
  2. The basis is a contract, everything is fair and transparent. The company is financially responsible for mistakes.
  3. Professionalism of accounting specialists is guaranteed by the outsourcing company. This is the reputation of the firm, that is why the entire team is selected and improves its qualification annually.

In the outsourcing accounting company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” each specialist undergoes verbal and written testing before being hired. Additionally we train and expand the professional skills of outsourcing accountants.

Advantages of outsourcing accounting in our company














The company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” is located in Kyiv, in the framework of outsourcing of accounting services performs express audits of organizations, the results of which we determine the errors in accounting, taxation and human resources accounting. After outsourcing the accounting to our company we will provide:

  • optimization of taxation;
  • proper organization of tax and accounting;
  • reducing the cost of providing a full-time specialist, paying taxes and renting an office;
  • maintaining financial and management accounting;
  • bringing the personnel records into compliance;
  • saving on the purchase of accounting programs and their maintenance.

Outsourced accounting services from the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” will provide:

  • saving money by choosing the optimal tax regime;
  • payment not for the time spent in the office, but for a measurable result;
  • full responsibility for late submission of reports through the accountant’s fault;
  • support and competent assistance during inspections by the tax authorities and other regulatory bodies.

Outsourcing of accounting services to organizations in Kyiv can be entrusted to the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus”. We have experienced accountants, HR specialists and lawyers. We provide one-time services and outsourcing of accounting on a permanent basis. You can trust accounting outsourcing professionals and pay more attention to the business processes of your company.


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