HR records management

Many employers underestimate the importance of maintaining personnel records in the enterprise. However, this issue cannot be treated formally. First of all, personnel records and properly drawn up reports are a guarantee of social protection for the employer and staff.

What is HR outsourcing

Personnel outsourcing implies the transfer of work on personnel management to a freelance specialist who organizes:

  •  maintenance of work books;
  •  accounting for working days and holidays;
  •  maintaining personal files of employees;
  •  staffing;
  •  issuance of various certificates to employees
  •  maintenance of military records.

The current legislation of Ukraine regulates the mandatory keeping of personnel records by enterprises of all forms of ownership.

Types of HR outsourcing services

In the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” you can order services for conducting personnel records management in Ukraine. Contact us and we will do the following:

  •  organize office work from scratch in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  •  check the status and restore personnel documentation;
  •  we will carry out personnel accounting;
  •  perform an examination of the documents provided by new employees during employment;
  •  organize military registration;
  •  analyze the main risks associated with financial sanctions;
  •  we will ensure the preparation of personal files of employees in compliance with the norms established by the legislation of Ukraine;
  •  prepare documents for registration of a new employee for work;
  •  prepare documents for formalizing the dismissal of an employee;
  •  prepare employment contracts, as well as contracts on liability;
  •  prepare and submit mandatory reports on personnel to the Central Health Office and other state bodies of Ukraine.

We can entrust the preparation and execution of such documents as:

  •  regulations of the organization, limited liability company;
  •  job description;
  •  work schedule;
  •  employee card;
  •  work book;
  •  report card;
  •  regulation on leave, bonuses;
  •  collective agreement;
  •  sending on a business trip;
  •  various types of certificates and reports.

Thanks to the proper organization of office work at the enterprise, you will be able to organize all information about the personnel, namely:

  •  employment of new employees;
  •  transfer of an employee to another position;
  •  layoffs;
  •  provision of vacations;
  •  change in working conditions.

Enterprise documentation is the main source of information on many issues and is used:

  •  when providing certificates from the place of work to a bank, court, embassy or other authority;
  •  upon confirmation of seniority;
  •  when submitting documentation to the Pension Fund of Ukraine;
  •  when restoring a lost work book.

There are many pitfalls in the labor legislation of Ukraine that only an experienced personnel officer can detect. For example, if an employee of an enterprise occupies a position that is not in the Classifier of Occupations, in the future he will have problems with obtaining a pension. The dismissal of an employee in violation of the norms of the legislation of Ukraine is fraught with problems for the head of the organization. To avoid unforeseen situations, use the services of a personnel manager (HR officer) by contacting our company.

Why and when is a HR analysis necessary?

Indications for the analysis of office work at the enterprise are:

  •  company restructuring;
  •  change of head;
  •  staff reduction;
  •  restructuring or merger of companies;
  •  forthcoming scheduled or unscheduled inspection, which concerns compliance with the labor legislation of Ukraine;
  •  amendments to the Labor Code.

In addition, proper paperwork helps the head of the organization to avoid trouble in the event of labor disputes with the personnel of the enterprise, and also minimizes financial risks and penalties.

The cost of HR

We offer to order the organization of personnel records at a bargain price in the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus”. Our specialists, including HR managers, organize outsourcing in compliance with all requirements of the Labor Code. Ask our managers for the cost of maintaining personnel records (outsourcing) or check the prices in the table.

What does the service “Human Resource Management”

We will help with solving problems such as:

1. Preparation of primary documentation, including:

  •  orders for personnel (hiring, transfer, vacation, dismissal, etc.);
  •  staffing;
  •  creation of a time sheet for employees.

2. Registration of personnel documentation of the enterprise, namely:

  •  sick leave;
  •  references from the place of work;
  •  dismissal orders in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

3. Record keeping:

  •  personal cards;
  •  work books of employees;
  •  magazines with orders for personnel.

4. Preparation and submission of mandatory reports on personnel, which include:

  •  monthly labor report;
  •  quarterly labor report;
  •  salary information report;
  •  report on working conditions;
  •  report with information about vacancies;
  •  a report with information about the planned mass dismissal of workers;
  •  report with information on salary arrears;
  •  report on the employment of people with disabilities.

5. Monitoring the risks caused by financial sanctions, as well as criminal liability due to violation of the legislation of Ukraine. We will control:

  •  observance of the standard of workplaces at the enterprise, designed for the employment of disabled people;
  •  compliance with quotas for certain persons (single mothers, orphans, etc.);
  •  correct registration of dismissals;
  •  observance of timely payment of salaries to the personnel;
  •  compliance with labor protection standards.

HR records management and outsourcing of HR services in Ukraine

The company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provides services for maintaining personnel records in Ukraine. We guarantee:

  • keeping records in strict compliance with the norms of the current labor legislation of Ukraine;
  • professional personnel records management, regardless of the type of activity and form of ownership of the enterprise;
  • responsibility for the quality of services rendered;
  • professional advice;
  • courier delivery of documentation.

Contact us and we will select the best package of services for you, taking into account your requirements and wishes.



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