Our company Gestoria-Ukraine Plus provides audit services in the regions throughout Ukraine.


Our auditors are certified auditors with extensive experience in this field. Our auditor will help you to qualitatively audit the enterprise (audit of accounting), examine the reliability of financial and accounting statements of your company, analyze compliance with legislation, check the accuracy of taxes (tax audit), and assess specific areas of the company to make management decisions. Prices for audit services affordable and profitable.


Audit services from the company “Gestoria-Ukraine Plus”:


  • Audit of financial statements
  • Audit of tax statements (verification of correctness of accrual and payment of taxes)
  • Mandatory audit (audit for JSCs, securities dealers and other companies for which an audit is mandatory)
  • Express audit (review audit)
  • Audit in bankruptcy and auditor review in liquidation or reorganization
  • Auditor’s report
  • Transformation of Financial Statements IFRS, GAAP
  • Audit Due Diligence

With us your accounting and tax reports will always be competently and timely prepared, which will allow you to avoid many difficulties. Auditing will be able to prevent negative consequences of tax inspections. In addition, we provide services such as financial consulting, tax consulting, audit services (opinions), Due Diligence in Ukraine, firm audit, risk assessment and more. Also, if you need help with the following issues: optimization of taxation (Ukraine) or optimization of expenses – our auditors will be glad to help you.