A personnel audit of an enterprise is an analysis of the documentation kept by an employee of the organization who works with personnel. Such an audit can be full or partial. It is carried out at any enterprise, even if there are several people working there. Auditor of Gestoria Ukraine-Plus company will help to determine whether there are no violations of labor legislation at the enterprise.

When do we recommend a personnel audit?

An audit of personnel records is rarely done. But there are situations in which it is better to do it to avoid further problems.

Reasons for the inspection:

  • dismissal of the employee responsible for recruitment;
  • the merger of two enterprises or their reorganization;
  • change of the head of the company;
  • when employees go to court over violations of the labor code;
  • if changes in the law are introduced.

In such situations, you will need qualified help from auditors, who will check the documentation, assess its maintenance and offer a solution for clients.

Tasks of personnel audit

Personnel auditing of an organization is necessary to determine errors in the maintenance of personnel files on employees. The procedure will help to avoid various labor disputes and litigation with personnel, improve the maintenance of documents, and systematize deficiencies.

Experienced auditors will tell you about possible risks, as well as suggest ways to reduce them. We do everything to make sure that the client is satisfied with the actions of our company. After all, violation of labor legislation entails large fines, which we will help you to avoid.

Types and stages of the personnel audit

There are 2 types of personnel audit – general and review. During a general audit, specialists analyze all documents, eliminate the errors found, and systematize data on each employee. A review audit is an assessment of specific documents, which the customer points out.

Verification of personnel documents is carried out in five stages. The first step is for the auditors to assess the scope of work. The second step is to think through a plan of action. The third step is to directly conduct the audit. The next step is to draw up a report. The final step is the approval of the report by the client.

Gestoria Ukraine-Plus is at your service

Ordering personnel audit services with us, you are guaranteed to get a full analysis of personnel documents, assessment of their correctness, identification of errors and their elimination. Our company will help to reduce the risks that often arise in the course of business.

We value our clients, so the consulting and auditing of personnel will be fast and of high quality. We have only qualified specialists who know their job. Verification of personnel documentation of your enterprise will always be competent. We offer favorable conditions of cooperation for each of you. With us you will optimize documentation and eliminate the risks associated with non-compliance with the labor code.


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