An initiative audit, in contrast to a mandatory audit, is performed at the discretion of the customer. Carrying out the procedure implies an initiative audit of tax accounting, foreign economic activity, the detection of obviously unprofitable transactions and other actions. The audit covers any period of the company’s work and concerns individual parts or the entire accounting. In this case, the scale of the operations carried out is determined by the customer.

What is an initiative audit and how to order a service?

An initiative audit is an effective tool that allows the customer to:

  • evaluate the company’s internal reserves;
  • assess the state of the business;
  • create a strategy for the further development of the enterprise;
  • secure business from penalties during the tax audit process.

We offer to order an initiative audit in the company Gestoria Ukraine-Plus.

Customers can be:

  • owners of a legal entity (founders, participants, shareholders);
  • management of the organization (general director, director, president);
  • third parties in cases regulated by law.

proactive auditing proactive auditing

Before the audit, we will discuss and agree with the customer all the details of cooperation. Audit can be both partial and complex.

Call or email us for auditor assistance. You can also use a special form on our website and ask questions to the manager online.

In what cases is an initiative audit carried out?

Conducting an initiative audit is necessary in such cases as:

  • change of the owner of the enterprise;
  • sale of the enterprise;
  • analysis of the state of accounting and tax accounting;
  • development of a system of accounting and tax accounting;
  • introduction of new investment projects;
  • performance evaluation of administrative staff;
  • raising the level of confidence of investors and partners;
  • planning of anti-crisis measures.

A timely audit allows the customer to:

  • minimize financial and other risks;
  • obtain comprehensive information about the activities of the organization;
  • discover the strengths and weaknesses of the organization;
  • confirm the solvency of the organization for investors.

By ordering an initiative audit from us, you will receive:

  • assessment of the organization’s financial position;
  • the auditor’s conclusion on the reliability of accounting and tax reporting:
  • recommendations for elimination of detected errors;
  • report on research results.

voluntary audit Due diligence order

Call us to clarify the price of an initiative audit and order a service. The cost depends on the volume, as well as the objectives of the study and is determined individually in each case.

How is an initiative audit carried out?

Initiative audit means:

  • determination of the volume and complexity of the assigned tasks;
  • agreement on the timing of the audit;
  • creation of a working group;
  • creation of an audit plan and program;
  • conducting an audit;
  • preparation of recommendations for effective elimination of detected errors;
  • drafting a preliminary report;
  • coordination of audit results with the customer;
  • design of the final report.

During the audit, we perform the following work:

  • comprehensively evaluate the current accounting and tax accounting system;
  • check the correctness of accounting and tax accounting;
  • we advise on the correctness of accounting and taxation;
  • we carry out the restoration of accounting, if there is such a task from the customer.

Order a proactive audit Kiev

An audit will allow you to improve the organization’s financial performance and eliminate existing errors in order to avoid penalties during a tax audit.

Order an initiative audit of financial and tax reporting

The company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” audits various types of operations, for example:

  • initiative audit of tax calculation and payment;
  • audit of financial operations;
  • audit of leasing operations;
  • audit of import and export operations;
  • audit of transactions with individual contracts;
  • tax audit.

We perform both due diligence and audit of individual operations. The cost of an initiative audit is determined after agreeing with the customer on the scope of work and other details of cooperation. Call us to use the help of an auditor or order other accounting and legal services.


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