Tax audit from Gestoria Ukraine-Plus group of companies – effective protection for business

An audit that reveals the correctness and completeness of the payment of taxes is called a tax audit. It is necessary for all spheres of business and helps to reduce losses when paying various penalties. Group of companies Gestoria Ukraine-Plus will check the tax reporting and audit of calculations with the budget for your enterprise. With us you minimize tax risks, we will help you to correct revealed errors by clarifying reporting.

Stages of a tax audit

Conducting a tax audit is carried out in several stages.

  1. Assessment of the existing taxation system. The auditor analyzes all aspects of the company’s taxation and identifies problem areas that need to be addressed in detail.
  2. Analysis of the correctness of the calculation of taxes and payments. The specialist examines how correctly the statements are prepared, filled out declarations. For each type of tax audited there is an analysis.
  3. As a result of such actions as a tax audit, a report is drawn up, which describes all the detected errors and provides recommendations for their elimination.

In essence, this procedure is a rehearsal before a tax audit, which helps avoid a lot of problems with this structure.

What does the tax audit provide

A tax audit allows the management or founder of the company:

  • study the status of tax accounting and reporting of the organization;
  • avoid financial penalties caused by a violation of the law on taxes;
  • to get an objective assessment of the real state of the accrual and payment of taxes;
  • conduct an audit of the accounting department;
  • identify and mitigate tax risks as much as possible;
  • identify errors and irregularities in taxation by clarifying reporting.

The inspection will help identify errors, after which specialists can develop a strategy and take effective measures to eliminate them before the inspectors come, thereby avoiding fines.

Why to turn to Gestoria Ukraine-Plus

We have a team of real professionals, qualified specialists who will conduct a comprehensive audit of tax reporting and accounting. They will thoroughly study the basis for each of the types of tax audited and make recommendations to effectively remedy the situation. Contact us for quality, professional services.


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