Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship


Citizenship is the legal bond between a person and the state, expressed in their mutual rights, duties, and responsibilities.


The law stipulates the following grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship:

  • by place of birth;
  • by territorial origin;
  • by admission to citizenship;
  • by virtue of restoration of citizenship;
  • by the establishment of guardianship or custody;
  • by virtue of one or both of the child’s parents’ citizenship, etc.

This list is not exhaustive.


Depending on the basis for obtaining citizenship, the legislation provides different requirements for the applicant, the package of documents and the procedure for processing.

Thus, the acquisition of citizenship implies not only the submission of an application by a person, but also the fulfillment of necessary conditions (continuity of legal residence on the territory of Ukraine for a certain period, knowledge of the state language, availability of financial resources, absence of other citizenship, etc.).


The period of consideration of the application also depends on the basis for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.


Thus, applications for registration of acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by birth, by territorial origin or restoration of Ukrainian citizenship are considered by territorial authorities of the State Migration Service, and the decision is made within three months.


The procedure for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship is much more complicated. The applicant is accepted to citizenship on the basis of the Decree of the President, and the term of consideration of such an application may be more than 1.5 years.


In order to be confident in a positive result, we advise to contact the lawyers of “GESTORIA UKRAINE-PLUS”, who know the nuances in this area, will help to prepare a package of documents in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and will help to avoid the cost of time and effort!


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