For a foreigner, who plans to stay in the country for more than 90 days, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. Then he will be able to move freely in different regions, and after a certain period of time to apply for permanent citizenship.

What are the rights to a permanent residence permit in Ukraine
Having a residence permit in Ukraine provides a number of advantages for foreign citizens. They will be able to open their own business, work and study. In addition to this:
• to open bank accounts without hindrance;
• not to pay a fee for entering a private car;
• receive pension payments on a legal basis;
• to cross the border without hindrance.

Registration of residence permit in Ukraine does not give the right to participate in local and state elections, as well as the right to buy land, which by its status is intended for agricultural purposes.

There are two types of residence permits: temporary and permanent. The first is given for a certain period of time, for example, the period of study at university. Permanent – does not have a time limit. Having a document does not provide for renunciation of one’s citizenship.

Grounds and documents for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine in 2021
Among the reasons for needing a residence permit in Ukraine, the most common are employment or family reunification. In the latter case it can be a legal marriage with a citizen of the country or the presence of direct relatives.

Among other requests:
• study;
• volunteering;
• work in the Ukrainian office;
• journalists;
• proven origin from Ukraine;
• people whose immigration would benefit the state.

To obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine different packages of documents are required. The main ones are:
• ID card;
• statement;
• photocopies of passports with notarized translations;
• photographs.

The rest depends on the basis on which the foreigner applied for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. More details about the full set of documents can be consulted in our center.

After the application and all the necessary papers are submitted to the Department of Visas and Registration, the person receives an answer some time later. It may be positive or negative. In case of approval, it is necessary to register at the place of residence within ten days. Otherwise, one should clarify the reason for refusal and correct errors. There are practically no unsolvable cases.