Residence permit in Ukraine

Foreigners who intend to stay in the country for a longer period, stateless persons, should obtain a residence permit. Then they have the right to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine, free movement around the country. They can work or study, and in the future receive a permanent residence permit.

This will require knowledge of a number of legal grounds and other nuances. For persons who do not know the migration legislation of Ukraine, who do not know the legal grounds, it is easier to turn to qualified lawyers.

Lawyers of «Gestoria-Ukraine» provide legal services for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. They will not only tell you about the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, but also prepare all the documents, help you find the grounds for obtaining a residence permit. Specialists monitor all changes in legislative bodies, which guarantees work without errors.

Ukrainian residence permit

List of services for those wishing to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine

The company’s specialists help in obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. They provide the following legal services:

  • advise on all issues;
  • help in finding a properly reasoned legal basis for obtaining a residence permit;
  • prepare an appropriate package of documents;
  • hand them over to the migration service;
  • will pay the state duty;
  • perform translation of business papers into Ukrainian;
  • control the entire registration process.

Residence permit (permit) in Ukraine: more about it

A residence permit is a certificate that allows foreigners to stay in Ukraine for a long time. It is issued to foreign citizens over the age of 16. Having reached the age of 25 and 40, they must replace the certificate within one month.

A residence permit is temporary (limited to a fixed period, for example, the period of study) and permanent.

Registration of a residence permit in Ukraine allows foreign persons to retain the citizenship of their country.

A temporary residence permit is issued if there are good reasons for the stay of foreigners in Ukraine.

The grounds provided by the legislation of Ukraine for obtaining a temporary residence permit:

  • Opening your own business, for example, opening a Limited Liability Company in Ukraine.
  • Employment in a Ukrainian company (with the permission of this company).
  • Work in a foreign representation or various formations.
  • Obtaining a study visa.
  • Marriage with a resident of Ukraine (residence permit by marriage) or the husband/wife has a temporary residence permit.
  • Journalistic, educational, scientific activities.
  • Volunteering.
  • Moving to a blood relative with Ukrainian citizenship.

When registering documents, the existing grounds for issuing a temporary residence permit in Ukraine are taken into account.

List of documents required to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

The basic package of documents for submission to the State Migration Service (SMS) by all foreign citizens wishing to obtain a temporary residence permit (permit) in Ukraine:

  • Statement written according to the standard model.
  • A photocopy of the passport (other identification is possible) with a translation into Ukrainian and the signature of the translator, certified by a notary. When submitting documents, you must present the original passport.
  • 4 color photographs 3.5*4.5 cm in size.
  • A photocopy of the pages of the passport with information about the last entry into Ukraine and with a type D visa. The purposes of entry and registration of a temporary residence permit must match.
  • Application of the host party with a request to issue a certificate for temporary residence in Ukraine.
  • Receipt of paid state duty.
  • Medical policy of obligatory health insurance.

Taking into account the grounds for issuing a temporary residence permit, certificates, certificates, petitions are provided. For example: to obtain a residence permit by marriage, you must provide a marriage certificate, and to work in a Ukrainian company – a work permit.

Extension of a temporary residence permit

The legislation of Ukraine establishes the period of residence on a temporary residence permit. It needs to be extended in the future.

Extension of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is carried out after the submission of the following documents:

  • an application drawn up according to a special model;
  • passport or other identification card;
  • 4 photos sized 3.5*4.5 (they must be taken again);
  • previous original certificate to be renewed;
  • documents confirming the right to temporary stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine (those that were presented earlier: the application of the organization, certificate from the place of study, marriage certificate, etc.)

The deadline for filing these papers is 15 business days until the expiration date. Documents will not be accepted after this date. There may be problems with the subsequent stay of a foreigner in Ukraine.

The decision to extend the temporary residence permit is made within 15 working days.

Permanent residence permit (permanent residence): what is it, how to get it

Registration of this status allows a foreigner to enjoy all the rights that Ukrainians have. Exceptions – the right to vote, military service, work in government agencies. The period of use of the certificate in the form of a booklet is indefinite.

Persons who have lost their Ukrainian citizenship for various reasons or foreigners who have full-blooded relatives with Ukrainian citizenship are eligible for permanent residence.

In order for a foreigner to obtain a permanent residence permit, documents must be submitted to the migration service:

  • passport with attached Ukrainian translation;
  • information about the composition of the family;
  • a copy of the marriage certificate (for those who are married);
  • certificates confirming the place of residence in Ukraine and abroad;
  • the consent of the other spouse that he does not object to the immigration of children;
  • medical certificates confirming the absence of AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction, infectious diseases;
  • a certificate of no criminal record in the foreigner’s country;
  • • receipt confirming the payment of the state duty and services of the State Migration Service;
  • temporary residence permit.

In addition, to obtain permanent residence, you need to confirm the availability of housing in Ukraine and provide:

  • a document on the availability of residential premises;
  • application-consent of owners for registration;
  • passport of homeowners;
  • certificate of registration of the place of residence.

Depending on the basis, the relevant documents are provided. For example, papers confirming the citizenship of a relative, skill level, etc.

Biometric temporary residence permit for foreigners

The certificate is issued in the form of an ID card, valid for 10 years.



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