Every activity is regulated in Ukraine, as in most European countries. If you are an ordinary tourist, the time of stay in the country is not more than 90 days. During this time, foreigners are not allowed to perform paid work. If you violate the law, you will be deported and employers will be fined heavily.

In order to perform a job in Ukraine, a citizen of another country must go through the procedure of obtaining documents for employment. It consists of two parts: the first part is passed by the one who employs the worker. The second part is directly passed by the foreigner.

What the procedure for employment of foreigners in Ukraine in 2021 looks like

The initiative to employ a foreigner must come from the employer. He receives permission from the employment center to employ a foreigner from another country. A work permit in Ukraine can have a period of six months to three years. At the end of it an extension is possible. It does not matter whether the employer is a natural person or a legal entity. The main categories hired include:
• journalists;
• artists;
• athletes;
• those who live in the country permanently;
• teachers who have been invited to give lectures.

In fact, a work permit in Ukraine is required in order to ensure that fellow citizens have a preferential right to work.

Necessary package of documents for employment of a foreigner
The list for employment in Ukraine is as follows:
• petition;
• photo 3,5*4,5 cm;
• receipt of payment of the state duty;
• notarized copy of passport with translation;
• preliminary employment contract;
• power of attorney for the employment center.

Before submitting the documents, you need to check the list at the Visa Registration and Enforcement Office or at the Counseling Center. On average, it takes about half a month to make a decision. If a foreigner plans to continue working after the expiry of the document, it is better to worry about the extension in advance, taking into account the deadlines.

Official employment in Ukraine for foreigners is primarily associated with a large number of documents. To simplify the procedure you can apply to our agency.