According to the current labor legislation, foreigners and stateless persons can find a job in Ukraine only after obtaining an appropriate permit with a certain period of validity. Contact us and we will tell you how to hire a foreigner, as well as help you get a work permit in Ukraine.

What is a work permit

A permit to use the labor of foreigners 一 is a special document that allows an employer to employ a citizen of another country in a specific position for a certain period. A foreigner has the right to hold several positions in different companies. At the same time, each of the employers must take care of the legalization of the work of the employee.

A foreigner can work at his workplace and take the position of a temporarily absent colleague. The term of employment in the position of another person 一 is not more than 60 calendar days per year.

Who needs a work permit

An employer’s permit will be required for such categories of foreign workers as:

  • employees, including the founder (owner) of the company;
  • seconded workers;
  • internal corporate assignees;
  • stateless persons registered as refugees;
  • foreigners who have applied for recognition as stateless persons, as well as those who appeal against the decision to refuse recognition as stateless persons;
  • foreigners who arrived in Ukraine for higher education, who decided to find a job in the process of education or after.

Entrust obtaining a work permit to foreign citizens to the specialists of “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” company. We will provide professional advice and tell you how to get a work permit in Ukraine. Also, our specialists can issue a work permit for a foreigner at your request and even without the presence of a foreigner.

Wage requirements for obtaining a work permit

In connection with the changes made to the labor legislation, from October 2022 there are no requirements for the minimum wage level for foreign citizens. If earlier for the employment of a foreigner in Ukraine it was required to set the amount of wages in the amount of at least 10 minimum wages, then after the changes are made, it is sufficient to comply with the general norms of laws on wages.

The procedure for issuing a work permit in Ukraine

The process of obtaining an employer’s work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine involves:

  • preparation of documentation (applications, powers of attorney);
  • payment for the issuance of a permit;
  • submission of documentation to the Employment Center;
  • verification of documents and decision-making by the Employment Center;
  • receipt of the finished document.

Our lawyers will help to obtain a work permit in Ukraine for foreigners and provide professional legal support to the employer at all stages of the procedure. We will prepare the necessary papers for submission to the Employment Center and give you a ready-made form with the decision of the Employment Center in the shortest possible time.

List of documents for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine

To obtain a work permit in Ukraine, the employer must provide to the Employment Center:

  • statement;
  • a copy of the foreigner’s passport certified by a notary and translated into Ukrainian;
  • color photograph;
  • a copy of the draft employment contract signed and stamped by the employer.

In some cases, in order to obtain a work permit for a foreigner, you will additionally need:

  • a copy of the higher education diploma of a foreign citizen;
  • notarized copies of papers that confirm copyright;
  • a copy of the agreement concluded between the Ukrainian and foreign organizations, according to which the foreigner is sent on a business trip to the territory of our country;
  • a copy of the contract confirming the transfer of a foreign worker to a workplace in Ukraine for a certain period and position.

Documents issued abroad must be legalized or apostilled.

Our services

We offer you to contact us and order services for obtaining a work permit for foreigners in Kyiv and other cities of our country. We will tell you how to obtain a work permit for a foreigner from any category, and we will do the following:

  • prepare documentation for legalizing the activities of foreign business entities in our country;
  • we will notarize a copy of the translation of the foreigner’s passport, as well as a copy of documents on education;
  • we will help to obtain a certificate stating that the foreign worker does not have alcohol addiction and other diseases determined by the Ministry of Health;
  • we will help you get a police clearance certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • certify a copy of the company’s charter;
  • submit documentation to the Employment Center;
  • submit the payroll to the Employment Center after the latter has made a decision to issue a work permit;
  • receive and hand over to the employer the permit form;
  • draw up an employment contract and submit it to the Employment Center after a decision is made on the employment permit for foreigners and stateless persons;
  • we will help to extend the period of validity of the previously obtained permit.

We provide professional legal assistance to foreign business entities, as well as help employers to legalize the employment of citizens of any category from other countries. To use our services, call us or request a call back.



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