Legal Consulting

Finding the right company that provides quality consulting services today is quite difficult. Unfortunately, there are specialists who find it difficult to consult on a problematic issue, and sometimes such consultations can lead to negative consequences.


Note that the specialists of our company “HESTORY UKRAINE” are ready to offer their assistance in the field of legal consulting, practically in any direction and to achieve the desired result.


Why do I need your services?

Practice shows that a full-time lawyer or a whole legal department does not always save the situation. In addition, the salary system creates serious costs, not only for small and medium-sized companies, but also for the largest. The payroll takes a large part of the profits, and the benefits of the department with in-house lawyers, not always significant. Especially in the current market conditions. After all, a full-time department can create a lot of problems:

  1. The question of the qualifications of employees is always closely connected with the interests of the company: we need the best, and it is not always possible to find them on the labor market for an average wage.
  2. The question of paperwork: traditionally, 90% of the tasks are performed by 2-3 employees, everyone else is just taking up space.
  3. Cost issue: any miscalculation in the selection of applicants, can lead to serious losses of the enterprise in the future.

And this is not the whole list.


“GESTORIA UKRAINE” company is ready to offer you the services of its specialists to solve any problem in the legal field.


What can we offer?

Our specialists are not limited to one direction (area) and can solve any problem in the sphere of legal consulting:

  • Registration of legal entity, changes.
  • Consultations, legal support in any matter.
  • Analysis and preparation of documentation.
  • Legal analysis of the situation, contracts.


The services of GESTORIA UKRAINE specialists are not limited to this. We will help you to optimize taxation, reducing costs. Often the company’s in-house specialists make mistakes, leading to an unjustified increase in the tax base.


When entering into transactions with partners, it is necessary to carefully study the contract. In order to do this qualitatively, an in-house lawyer should devote quite a lot of time to this. After all, the risks of the enterprise depend on it. It is necessary to exclude all the conditions that make it possible to implement a fraudulent scheme. It is necessary to remove anchor clauses in the contract, and execute the deal so that it does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine.


When drafting founding documents, it is important to consider a lot of aspects, and our specialists handle these tasks “with flying colors”. We can help you register a new company or a private entrepreneur. And also we will study the contract and arrange a check of counterparties, if necessary, for the presence of nominal directors and fictitious legal addresses, etc.

Our specialists are engaged in legal review of documentation, as well as the preparation of any documents related to commercial or governmental organizations.


Contact us now and our manager will answer all your questions.


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