If you are planning to travel abroad for the purpose of education, employment, marriage, or for any other reason, take care of apostilling your documents. Apostille will make it possible to use them on the territory of another state.

Legalization of documents in Ukraine

Company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” offers to order apostillization of documents in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. Apostille confirms the legality of the origin of the document, the authenticity of the signature, as well as the seal of the official who issued the document.

All documents need to be legalized, except for those that have a photograph, for example:

  • passport;
  • military ID;
  • identity card;
  • work book;
  • driver’s license.

In this case, the apostille is placed on:

  • diploma and certificate of an educational institution;
  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate;
  • certificate of ownership;
  • power of attorney;
  • judgment.

Some countries do not request the legalization and apostille of documents issued by the state authorities of Ukraine, for example:

  • CIS countries;
  • States that have concluded an agreement with Ukraine on legal assistance in civil matters.

To clarify information about the need to confirm the legality of the origin of documents through an apostille to visit a particular country, as well as order the service, please contact us. We will help you to apostille documents in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine and save you the hassle of paperwork.


An apostille is put on all official documents issued by the state bodies of Ukraine that fall under the jurisdiction of such ministries as:

  • Ministry of Justice. The seal (stamp) of an apostille is placed on documents issued by prosecutors, courts, registry offices, as well as private and public notaries.
  • Ministry of Education and Science. Legalization through an apostille is required for all documents that have been issued in educational institutions.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Apostille is placed on documents issued by the National Police, the Pension Fund, the Fiscal Service, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

An apostille can be placed on a notarized translation or original official document. It gives legal force to the document and makes it legal to use it in another state.

The process of affixing an apostille includes:

  • acceptance of documents;
  • registration of the application;
  • verification of compliance of the signature and seal with the samples available in the cases of the Ministry of Justice;
  • obtaining a certificate of payment for affixing an apostille;
  • registration of documents with an apostille.

Contact us and we will help you to affix an apostille on a birth certificate, marriage certificate, diploma of an educational institution and any other document that was issued on the territory of Ukraine.

Consular legalization

In states that are not parties to the Hague Convention, the legalization of documents through an apostille has no legal force. In such cases, consular legalization is provided. It implies:

  • affixing the seal of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  • notarized translation of documents;
  • affixing the seal of the consulate of the country chosen by the customer.

The duration of consular legalization in state bodies depends on the legislation of the country. Basically, each stage of legalization takes 2-10 days.

Translation and notarization of documents

When translating documents into English, they must be notarized. The latter implies the establishment by the notary of the identity and qualifications of the translator, followed by the entry of the data obtained into a special register. In turn, the translator guarantees by his signature that the translation is in accordance with the content of the official paper, and the notary confirms the authenticity of the translator’s signature. It is possible to certify the translation of documents issued by authorities of other states (at the same time, an apostille must be present on the originals or certified copies, confirming the legal origin of the documents).

Notarization is preceded by the following steps:

  • transfer by the customer of the original document or a notarized copy to the translator;
  • translation;
  • filing the translation to the original or copy.

The notary certifies the translation if:

  • the customer provided the originals or copies of documents previously certified by a notary;
  • the official document contains the necessary signatures and seals of the authority by which it was issued;
  • there are no corrections in the translation or they are confirmed by the signature and seal of an authorized person;
  • the integrity of the lacing of all sheets of the document is preserved.

Notarized translation of documents with an apostille into German, English and any other language is possible.

What is the procedure for apostilling documents

If you want to make an apostille in Kyiv or other cities of Ukraine, contact “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” company. We will save you the hassle of paperwork and:

  • submit the document for apostille to the relevant ministry;
  • pay official fees without the participation of the customer;
  • we will track the readiness of the apostille and send you the finished document.

To use our services, call us or email us. You can also order a callback by leaving a corresponding request on the site.


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