Any documentation is valid only within the country that issued it. Often there are situations when it is necessary to make certain papers have legal force outside the country (for example, applying for a job abroad, you may be required to have a diploma or certificate of no criminal record). A special stamp – apostille – is used for simplified legalization of documents in foreign countries. It is valid in countries where the Hague Convention is in force.

Peculiarities of legalization of documents
For people who travel abroad for some reason, the apostilization of documents is a mandatory procedure. Apostille for foreign documents is necessary in case of their use on the territory of Ukraine. In this way it is possible to confirm the legal validity of important documents, avoiding a long process of legalization.

The following documents are to be apostilled:
• birth certificate;
• education documents (diplomas, certificates);
• power of attorney,
• marriage certificates and other securities.

Unlike consular legalization, an apostille does not take much time and has the same legal effect. It is possible to legalize papers in the state authorities, but it is much easier and faster to ask for help from our company.

Order the apostil service favorably in Gestoria Ukraine-Plus
Cooperating with the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus”, you get legal services at the highest level. Specialists of our firm will prepare and submit documents for legalization, as well as pay administrative fees. We carefully monitor the process of apostilization by appropriate organizations, and after its completion we will provide a ready-made document. You can order apostille in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine at a reasonable price. You no longer need to waste time on paperwork. Leave this business to professionals and get the necessary document with maximum profit.