Every person has the right to free movement. At the same time, the legal regulation of immigration and emigration is a complex process, in the nuances of which only a migration lawyer is professionally oriented. Contact to “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC and we will provide legal advice on migration issues to foreigners planning a short stay in Ukraine, as well as to non-residents who wish to obtain a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship.

Migration law is a separate branch of jurisprudence. It regulates the relations between the state and citizens during the territorial movement inside and outside the country. The current law strictly limits the time frame for the stay of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine. To avoid unforeseen situations, order a consultation on migration issues at “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC. Our migration lawyers will tell you in detail about the following nuances:

  • what documents need to be collected for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, obtaining citizenship;
  • how long will it take to obtain a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship;
  • with what government agencies will have to interact;
  • how to apply for a visa.

Our migration lawyers will submit legal requests and, if necessary, will represent your interests in the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the Employment Center, etc. We will find the best options for resolving migration issues.

Legal advice on migration issues

Tourist trips do not require special permits to stay in a particular country, but in some cases a visa may be required. For its registration, contact to “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC. Our migration lawyers will prepare a package of documents for submission to the visa center so that you can get a visa without any problems. If you decide to leave Ukraine for another country for permanent residence, be sure to use the services of our migration lawyer who will help:

  • draw up an application to obtain permission to leave for permanent residence in another state;
  • remove you from registration at your current place of residence;
  • obtain a certificate confirming the absence of tax debts;
  • obtain the consent of relatives for the immigration of a person under the age of 16;
  • represent your interests in court;
  • remove you from military registration;
  • close private entrepreneur.

In “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC legal advice on migration issues is provided not only to citizens of Ukraine, but also to foreigners. Our immigration lawyers can be entrusted with:

  • Appeal against actions or inactions of competent state bodies;
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship;
  • registration and support of business of non-residents;
  • assistance in obtaining a tax number for a foreigner;
  • preparation of documents for legal stay in the country;
  • registration in Ukraine for a foreigner;
  • assistance in obtaining a work permit from the relevant state authorities;
  • support for the conclusion or dissolution of marriage.

Legal advice on migration issues (obtaining citizenship or a residence permit in Ukraine) will be needed both during the standard registration procedure and in the event of a dispute with the migration service. Use the services of a lawyer on migration issues at “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC. A lawyer will study your situation and offer effective ways to resolve migration issues. You can get advice on migration matters from us not only in person, but also by phone.

Judicial procedure for resolving migration disputes

Legal advice on migration issues will be needed if your rights are violated by the migration service or other government agencies. A migration lawyer will correctly prepare documents for going to court and establish facts that are of legal significance. For example, the presence of family ties between a foreigner and citizens of the state in which he wants to stay is a good reason for the first to obtain citizenship in a simplified manner. There are many “pitfalls” in legal disputes, which only an experienced migration lawyer can detect.

Some legal disputes can be resolved without filing a lawsuit in court. One option is to file a formal complaint with the State Migration Service. In this case, a person whose rights have been violated must enlist the support of a migration lawyer.

“Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC provides legal assistance on immigration and emigration issues at a favorable price. We always stand on the side of our clients and professionally solve complex problems. Our lawyers will provide professional advice on migration matters, help you avoid disputes related to immigration and emigration, and also defend you in court.


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