Services of a tax lawyer

Lawyer in the field of tax disputes – a person who helps to solve the problem in the field of taxation. Experts of the company “Gestoriya Ukraine-Plus” constantly interact with the tax authorities, have a great experience in this area, have at their disposal the most relevant information in the field of taxation and are always aware of all the changes that occur in it. If you need a qualified advice tax lawyer, by all means contact us, and we will do everything possible to help you resolve even the most complicated difficulties.

Consultation of the lawyer on taxes

The current Ukrainian legislation constantly undergoes changes that are difficult for ordinary taxpayers to follow. Our lawyers in tax disputes are constantly at the center of events, they know all the subtleties, laws, and nuances of taxation. There are many situations in which you can not do without legal advice. For example, when the company starts to be audited by the tax authorities, the tax authorities come with notes, impose additional duties or penalties.


In addition, our experts will help in choosing the most optimal business model in terms of taxation. Tax lawyer necessarily takes into account all the problems that may confront the business in the present and the future, and also do everything to avoid them.


Our services

The staff of our company will help in resolving tax issues, including:

  • preparation for tax audits;
  • analysis of the company’s work and identification of “weak” places in the tax accounting;
  • development of a taxation scheme.


If necessary, we will audit the primary documents to identify deficiencies and possible violations. We provide full support for the signing of acts, generated by the results of tax audits. If necessary – prepare a requisition to the act and ignore the results. Also in the list of services – protection of the tax payer and his rights in the courts of different instances.


If you need a professional tax lawyer consultation, contact our company for the listed phone numbers or fill out an online application, our staff will contact you shortly. The cost of services is determined on a case-by-case basis, depends on the complexity of the situation and the amount of work required. Positive results and full client confidentiality is guaranteed!


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