In many life situations, it becomes necessary to hire a lawyer, for example, in the event of family disputes, disputes with tax authorities, traffic accidents, administrative offenses, etc. To order the services of a lawyer in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, contact “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC. With us you will receive professional legal assistance from specialists.

Lawyer services in Kyiv

Company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” offers to use the services of lawyers in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine at a bargain price. Our specialists work in various legal areas – economic, family, housing, tax, administrative, criminal, etc. and have experience in solving many complex problems. The help of our lawyers and attorneys can be obtained both in Kyiv and in other cities. We guarantee our clients:

Lawyers' services in ≪Hestoria Ukraine-Plus≫≫

  • high-quality legal services for individuals and legal entities;
  • professional legal advice (online and in person in Kyiv);
  • full legal support;
  • an integrated approach to solving the set tasks;
  • legal assistance from specialists at all stages of cooperation.

To find out the cost of legal services provided by our specialists in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, call us at the number indicated on the website. The price of legal services depends on the volume and complexity of the tasks. The cost of consulting a lawyer can be clarified with our specialists.

What legal services can be provided in the agency

Our lawyers can help you deal with issues such as:

  • economic crimes;
  • tax disputes (appeal of tax notification decisions);
  • criminal cases;
  • administrative offenses;
  • family affairs;
  • accident;
  • land issues;
  • labor disputes.

The cost of legal assistance of a lawyer is determined after agreeing on all the details of the work and concluding a cooperation agreement.

Economic crimes

A business lawyer can help you deal with business-related crimes. Be sure to order a lawyer’s consultation online or in person in Kyiv if:

  • law enforcement agencies are interested in you for no reason and intently;
  • you have become the object of persecution;
  • someone interferes with your legitimate business activities.

Tax disputes

Attorney Services

Legal assistance of a lawyer and a tax lawyer in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine will be needed in such cases as:

  • disagreement with the act of tax audit;
  • receiving a denial of a VAT refund;
  • arrest of the company’s assets;
  • bringing an official of the enterprise to criminal liability;
  • appeal against tax notification decisions.

To find out the price of a consultation and other services of a lawyer in Kyiv and other cities, call us or write an e-mail. The price of lawyer (legal services) depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

Criminal proceedings

Our criminal defense lawyers can help:

  • prove the innocence of the defendant;
  • achieve the maximum possible reduction in the sentence;
  • receive an acquittal;
  • achieve requalification of the article presented to the accused;
  • change the measure of restraint;
  • achieve parole;
  • appeal against the seizure of property.

After concluding an agreement on the protection of the client, our specialists will take care of accompanying the client in the process of all investigative measures and help defend his rights in court. Call us to get advice and find out the cost of a lawyer’s services, including the price of defense in court.

Administrative offenses

The list of services of a lawyer for administrative cases in Kyiv and other cities includes:

  • advising the defendant with a detailed explanation of the legal aspects that are indirectly related to the case;
  • assistance in collecting evidence to prove innocence;
  • preparation of a ruling on a violation for appeal;
  • filing a lawsuit in court and protecting the rights of the client;
  • obtaining a judgment.

Family disputes

Legal Services

You should use the services of a family law attorney if you want to:

  • adopt a child;
  • arrange guardianship;
  • dissolve the marriage (make a divorce);
  • establish paternity;
  • draw up a marriage contract;
  • recognize the marriage as fictitious;
  • divide property jointly acquired by the spouses;
  • determine the place of residence of children;
  • receive maintenance payments;
  • collect debts on alimony.

Car accident

A car lawyer provides services aimed at legal assistance in resolving issues such as:

  • disputes with an insurance company;
  • appeal against fines;
  • appeal against illegal actions of police officers;
  • organization of an independent examination to confirm the innocence of a participant in an accident
  • recovery of damages or cancellation of the decision in case of unjustified recovery of damages.

Land issues

The list of services of a lawyer on land issues includes:

  • support of the site privatization procedure;
  • appeal against refusal to allocate a land plot;
  • recognition of ownership of the land;
  • determining the procedure for using of plot;
  • change of purpose of the plot;
  • assistance in correcting cadastral errors.

Labor disputes

Lawyers and advocates of the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” in Kyiv will help in resolving disputes that relate to:

  • collection of wage arrears;
  • reinstatement at work;
  • wording of the reason for dismissal;
  • compensation for moral and material damage;
  • transfer to another workplace;
  • payment for forced absenteeism;
  • dismissal of an employee at the initiative of the employer
  • falsification by the head of the employment contract and other internal documents of the enterprise.

Services of lawyers in “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” LLC

In the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” you can order a full range of legal services at a bargain price, including an online consultation. Before starting work, our lawyers will analyze your situation and find the best way to solve your problems. We guarantee effective protection of your interests. To find out the prices for the services of a lawyer, call us or write an e-mail.


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