Criminal attorney

The main purpose of a lawyer in criminal cases is to protect the rights and assist both the victim and the suspect, compliance with the law by the parties to the conflict, at all stages of the pre-trial investigation and trial.


It should be remembered that in the process of giving testimony as a witness and a suspect must necessarily be attended by a lawyer.  So, it is the lawyer will advise how to behave and respond to the questions of the investigator. In addition, the lawyer will undoubtedly protect all your words spoken to the investigator, as well as the rights regarding the possible non-compliance with the laws by employees, which are representatives of the law enforcement bodies.


The result and the prospects of each criminal case in which the lawyer is involved, depends primarily on the timely appeal to a lawyer, because it affects the correctness of the chosen tactics and strategy of the defense, the collection of evidence.


Also, the competence of the lawyer includes the preparation of all necessary documents in order to prove the innocence of the client. In addition, he collects information and prepares various procedural documents.


The power of a lawyer includes providing support not only to the accused or injured person, but also to the person who was an eyewitness to the crime. A witness is considered to be a person who has certain information. It is the witness can tell the whole truth or influence the course of the case. During the trial, the eyewitness must testify truthfully and answer questions from both sides. It is worth noting that it is he who is responsible for giving false testimony and can easily go from being a witness to a suspect. In order not to hurt yourself, as well as other participants in the process due to lack of knowledge of some legal nuances, you should use the services of a criminal attorney. In any case, he will help you in combining your actions in the process of testifying.


Another of the services of a criminal defense attorney is to represent the interests of the party who is the injured party. If the case concerns economic crimes or crimes against property, the lawyer can even work on pulling the compensation for damages, which caused the offender. He will make an assessment of both material and advise how to properly make an assessment of moral damages, will help in achieving reconciliation of the parties, guaranteed to restore the rights of the party, which is the victim, if they have not been respected.




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