Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs

Any entrepreneur who has decided to start his own business faces the need to properly prepare and submit documents for the registration of entrepreneurial activity.

He has two options: to spend extra time, effort and money, or immediately turn to experienced lawyers who will facilitate the process of registration and filing.

Our specialists will help you to choose the most profitable system of taxation, select the appropriate Clasifier of Economic Types of Activities , as well as advise on the optimal organizational-legal form of the future company. The most popular are the registration of LLC  (Limited Liability Company) and PE (Private Enterprise). No less popular is the registration of the Individual Entrepreneur.

Our team has extensive experience in opening non-profit organizations, joint stock companies, financial organizations, associations, corporations, as well as foreign representative offices.

The help of a professional is needed not only for consultation. The most important moment is the filing and processing of documents. It is a complicated monotonous process that requires patience, resources and knowledge of the current legislation. After registering a company in Ukraine, it is necessary to register the company with various authorities and go through several more stages.

Lawyers of LLC “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” will help make any changes in the register (change of Director, change of the Charter, adding Clasifier of Economic Types of Activities, etc.) and, if necessary, to eliminate the company.

With us you get the result in the shortest possible time. And most importantly – everything is “turnkey”. We can guarantee that we can cope with any task and approach your request individually.