Change of Director

Changing the director of a company is not an easy legal procedure. It requires the preparation of a package of relevant documents, applying for changes in the state register and submitting the necessary documents for such changes.


By contacting the specialists of our company, you will save your time and save yourself from unnecessary paperwork.


How Gestoria Ukraine-Plus can help you

The lawyers of our company help clients in a comprehensive way:

  • they fully undertake the preparation of documentation, in strict compliance with the legally regulated procedure and deadlines;
  • arrange a meeting with the client (this can be a representative of the head) and accompany him to the notary;
  • supervise the entry of new data into the State Register;
  • take the statement confirming the fact of the changes and provide it to the client.

We provide professional legal assistance in a situation where there is a change of director of the company at reasonable prices, and the quality of our services is impeccable.


Algorithm of the procedure for changing the director

The change of director or head of the company takes place in stages.

First, a meeting of the company’s members is held, at which it is decided that the current manager is removed from his position and a new one is appointed.

Following the results of the meeting an order is drawn up. The former manager passes the founding and accounting documents, as well as the stamp (if used) to his/her successor – an act is drawn up for this.


Next, a power of attorney is drawn up for a lawyer who accompanies the procedure of making changes to the state register when there is a change of director.

After the necessary changes appear in the state register, an extract is issued. Then keys and certificates are re-issued, to work with electronic documents and the tax office.

Next, you need to go to the bank and provide the necessary documents for the new director.

The final stage involves sending notifications to counterparties on the change of director.


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