Many entrepreneurs and founders of organizations find themselves in a situation where it becomes necessary to close a company, LLC or private entrepreneur. This happens for various reasons, but the most common are two – the liquidation of a business of one’s own free will due to its unprofitability or forced due to increasing of costs.

When closing a company, it is necessary to enlist the support of an experienced lawyer. He will easily detect all “pitfalls” and control the process of liquidation of the enterprise.

Services of liquidation of LLC, private entrepreneurs in Kyiv

Service liquidation of sole proprietorships

“Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” company offers to use the services of lawyers who will help you quickly and correctly close LLC, PE, etc. The complete liquidation of an enterprise in Ukraine is carried out both at the request of the owner and by a court decision. Express liquidation of enterprises is also possible. The procedure involves the transfer of corporate rights of a legal entity from the current founder to a new owner. Express liquidation of an LLC has a number of advantages, including:

  • Saving of time. Closing the organization will take 3-4 days.
  • Liquidation of the company without inspections. Express closing of an LLC in Ukraine, unlike the liquidation of a company at the request of the owner, does not imply inspections.
  • Minimum participation. The procedure for liquidating a business can be completely entrusted to a lawyer.
  • Simplicity. In the course of express liquidation, the organization is re-registered and the owner is changed.

If the express closing takes 3-4 days, then the standard liquidation of an LLC lasts from 3 to 12 months. In order to close the enterprise as quickly as possible and in full compliance with all laws and requirements, please contact us. We will help you prepare the necessary reports and find the best way to liquidate the company.

Features and “pitfalls” of closing of private entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that when the company stops operating and there is no profit, they should not pay taxes, including ERUs. As a result, debt accumulates. Some company owners, when closing a private entrepreneur, do not control the process of entering data on the termination of the enterprise into the Unified State Register, therefore, after a certain time, they receive a message demanding payment of tax debts.

Sometimes entrepreneurs violate labor laws and warn employees late about the upcoming dismissal. Normally, this must be done 2 months before the liquidation of the enterprise.

To protect yourself from possible penalties, entrust the closure of private entrepreneur to our specialists. It should be noted that in some cases it is possible to close the sole proprietorship without verification, for example, if there is no debt on ERUs. Call us to find out the cost of liquidating an enterprise, company, legal entity and individual entrepreneur.

Stages of private entrepreneur liquidation in “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus”

Service liquidation of sole proprietorships

You can close in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine at your own request or by a court decision. The main reasons for forced liquidation 一 are the restriction of the civil capacity of an individual (entrepreneur) or the recognition of him as incapacitated.

The procedure for voluntary liquidation of a business includes:

  • Submission of an application to the state registrar expressing a desire to terminate business activities. You can apply to any state registrar. An entry on liquidation must be made to the State Register within 24 hours from the date of application.
  • Cancellation of bank accounts.
  • Deregistration in the tax service. First you need to prepare liquidation reports for government agencies.
  • EDS blocking.

To facilitate the liquidation of an LLC or a company, please contact us. We will undertake the preparation of the necessary reports and help you quickly close your company.

LLC liquidation

The liquidation of limited liability companies can be voluntary and forced. In the first case, the decision to terminate the activity is made by the founders, in the second – by the court.

Voluntary and forced liquidation of a company

Voluntary closure of the company is carried out by the decision of the participants and implies the following algorithm of actions:

  • making a decision to terminate activities;
  • appointment of the liquidator of the company (liquidation commission);
  • submission of an application to the state registrar;
  • making an entry on the termination of the LLC’s activities in the Unified State Register;
  • applying to government agencies (tax office, Pension Fund, etc.) with an application to deregister a limited liability company;
  • cancellation of bank accounts;
  • passing inspections and obtaining certificates of deregistration, as well as the absence of debts;
  • submission of accounting, constituent and other documents of the organization to the State Archives with subsequent receipt of a certificate of their acceptance.

Company liquidation in Kiev

In the process of closing the company, the liquidator (liquidation commission) must necessarily carry out an inventory of the property of a limited liability company, as well as pay off creditors and debtors.

For the voluntary liquidation of an LLC, it is necessary to prepare the following package of documents:

  • information about the company’s members;
  • data on the composition of the liquidation commission;
  • the charter of the company;
  • minutes of the general meeting;
  • documents confirming the existence of open bank accounts.

The grounds for the forced termination of the work of the organization are:

  • recognition of the record of state registration of a legal entity as invalid due to a violation of the law during its creation;
  • carrying out illegal operations by a legal entity;
  • discrepancy between the minimum size of the authorized capital and the norms established by law;
  • declaring a legal entity bankrupt;
  • failure to submit declarations and financial statements to tax authorities within 12 months.

The order of liquidation of enterprises in Ukraine

The procedure for closing a private entrepreneurs or a legal entity in Kyiv and other settlements of Ukraine depends on the reason – voluntarily or by a court decision. Our lawyers will help you to understand all the nuances of the procedure. To find out how to liquidate a company, enterprise, etc., please contact us in a way convenient for you. We will help close a company, firm, sole proprietorship at a bargain price.


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