A joint-stock company is considered one of the most common forms of doing business. It makes it possible to raise financial resources both at the time the company is founded and in the course of its operations. Finances are added as contributions to the share capital. In order for everything to be done competently, one should know the procedure for registering a joint-stock company.

To date, the state registration of a joint stock company is considered a time-consuming, complex process, so if you do not have sufficient knowledge and experience, it is better to seek help from specialists. The fact is that you will need to go through certain procedures, which is not always enough time and effort. We will help to solve everything as quickly as possible and at an affordable price.

Our company provides assistance in determining the organizational form, prepares the documents necessary for registration.

Why to turn to the company “Gestoria Ukraine-plus”

We offer favorable conditions of cooperation:

  • We set reasonable prices for our services;
  • Registration of a joint stock company is carried out in a short time;
  • A lot of experience in this field;
  • Our specialists professionally prepare documents for the National Commission on Securities and Stock Markets
  • We provide assistance in opening an account and concluding an agreement with National Depository of Ukraine.

How a joint stock company is registered

The stages of the procedure for registering a joint stock company are always typical. They boil down to the following:

  • holding a meeting of the founders;
  • conclusion of the necessary contracts;
  • filing;
  • placement, repurchase of shares;
  • registration of the company.

Our company will provide support for registration activities. Also employees will prepare documents for state registration.

From Ukrainian citizens are required such documents for registration of joint stock company as copies of passport and IIN of director, founders.

Registration of shares in a joint stock company also requires knowledge. We will provide qualified assistance, so that the issues will be resolved quickly.

We guarantee high quality, fast company registration. After successful registration, the client receives the necessary documents to start activities. Call us for details.


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