An association is an association of several legal entities or enterprises operating in a particular industry. The purpose of its creation is to protect common interests, coordinate the work of legal entities, and expand the range of opportunities. In most cases, the registration of an association in Ukraine is quite fast. Additional time costs may require the need to coordinate documents with the Antimonopoly Committee.

The advantages of combining several legal entities are:

  • centralization of production functions;
  • organization of joint activities;
  • increase in market power.

Association registration in Kyiv

Registration of an association in Ukraine is carried out if at least two legal entities have made a common decision to merge. At the same time, legal entities combine common efforts to improve their functioning. Associations operate on contributions from their members – entrance, quarterly and other fees.

To open and register an association, contact to “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” company. We will prepare the necessary documents and submit them to government agencies, saving you time and effort. To register an association, tell our specialists:

  • organization name;
  • legal address;
  • information about the form and size of membership fees;
  • information on the form of the governing body;
  • list of current and associate members.

For registration, you will need documents such as:

  • extract from USR;
  • protocol on the establishment of the association;
  • passport, TIN of the founders.

What are the types of associations

Depending on the purpose of creating an association, there are two types:

  • With the conduct of commercial activities. Their registration requires coordination of documents with the Antimonopoly Committee.
  • No commercial activities. Creation requires consent from the Antimonopoly Committee to conduct registration without obtaining permission.

In some cases, it is possible to create an association without conducting commercial activities without the consent of the Antimonopoly Committee. Our lawyers will help you deal with the legal aspects of this procedure. After registration, such an association will be entered in the register of non-profit organizations. It will function at the expense of membership fees, as well as contributions from sponsors and patrons.

Within the association, the following governing bodies are necessarily created:

  • general meeting of members of the organization;
  • executive body.

During the general meeting, the following is carried out:

  • approval of the charter;
  • admission of new members or expulsion of members from the association;
  • selection of candidates and appointment of the executive body;
  • resolution of financial and other issues related to the activities of the organization.

In turn, the executive committee deals with issues that relate to the current activities of the association.

All legal entities included in the association retain the status of legal entities. If necessary, individual legal entities may leave the membership.

Association Registration Procedure

Specialists of the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provide a full range of legal services for the creation of associations in Ukraine. Contact us and we will do the following:

1. We will answer all questions about how to register an association.

2. We will help to prepare a package of constituent documents of the association, which include:

  • statutory documents of the association;
  • memorandum of association;
  • minutes of the general meeting of members of the organization.

3. We will represent your interests before the Antimonopoly Committee.

4. We will ensure the coordination of documents with the Antimonopoly Committee.

5. We will register the association and provide you with a certificate of state registration.

6. We will control the entry of information about the association into the Unified State Register.

7. We will put the association on tax records and register it with the social insurance funds.

8. We will obtain permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to make a seal.

We will help you prepare all the documents required for registering an association and provide comprehensive legal support at all stages of the procedure.

Rights of full members of the association

Active members of the association have the right to:

  • take part in the management of the association’s activities;
  • vote at general meetings in the decision-making process;
  • insist on the consideration of certain issues related to the activities of the association, during the general meetings of members;
  • choose candidates at the general meetings, as well as be elected to the governing bodies;
  • receive information about the current activities of the organization;
  • demand assistance from the association in the course of protecting their interests and rights provided for by law;
  • leave the membership of the organization.

Associate members have almost all the same features as real members. Exceptions are:

  • voting at general meetings;
  • decision-making at general gatherings of members;
  • selection of candidates and the opportunity to be elected to governing bodies.

The member enterprises of the association have the right to:

  • make a decision to withdraw from the association in compliance with the conditions regulated by the charter;
  • be a member of other associations, provided that this is not prohibited by the charter;
  • receive up-to-date information about the activities of the association.

In turn, the association cannot interfere in the conduct of economic activities by member enterprises and legal entities. With the permission of the participants, the association can represent their interests before state bodies, as well as other enterprises or organizations.

For legal assistance in the process of registering an association, please contact us. We will answer all your questions and help you understand the legal aspects of registration.


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