A limited liability company (LLC) is one of the forms of entrepreneurial activity that is popular with entrepreneurs. LLC has a charter capital divided into shares, the size of which is determined by the constituent documentation.

Registration of an LLC is a complex of actions related to the preparation of constituent documents required for registration and state registration of a legal entity (LLC).

The lawyers of Hestoria Ukraine-Plus have many years of experience in the field of corporate law and in the shortest possible time will help you register a company – quickly, reliably, safely and in full compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Registration of LLC in Ukraine

Business registration in Ukraine is regulated by many legal acts, including:

1. The Law of Ukraine “On Limited and Additional Liability Companies” dated 06.02.2018 No. 2275-VIII.

2. The Civil Code of Ukraine.

3. The Commercial Code of Ukraine.

4. Tax Code of Ukraine.

And other regulations that regulate the specifics of reporting, finance and workflow.

Who can register an LLC?

The founders of an LLC can be both residents of Ukraine and non-residents: legal entities, individuals.

Any person over 14 years of age has the right to register an LLC.

The only thing to consider: at the age of 14-18, to register an LLC, you need a written permission for entrepreneurial activity from parents or guardians.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, if an LLC is registered for the first time, it is mandatory to notarize the signatures of the founders on the company’s charter!

LLC registration is carried out by the state registrar. All data about the company is entered into the database of the state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and public organizations.In case the founder of an LLC in Ukraine is an individual non-resident of Ukraine, before registering an LLC, you first need to obtain a registration number of the tax payer account card (TIN code) in the tax office.

At the final stage of registration, the LLC is assigned a personal registration number.

How to register an LLC yourself

In order to independently register an LLC, you must collect the following package of documents:

1. A copy of the passport and registration number of the taxpayer’s account card (TIN code) of the founders, director.

2. Determine the name of the LLC.

3. Determine the legal address of the LLC.

4. It will be determined with the size of the authorized capital and the ratio of parts between the founders.

5. Determine the type of activity (KVED).

6. Choose a taxation system.

Why do I need to register an LLC

Opening a business in the form of an LLC is one of the most convenient types of business.

This legal form of government is suitable for both small companies and medium-sized businesses and large companies.

An LLC can have an unlimited number of founders.
The founders of the LLC are responsible for finances only within the framework of their contributions.
The possibility of concluding a corporate agreement.
LLC has a simple and relatively quick registration option.

However, only at first glance it may seem that registering an LLC is easy and takes only a few days, in reality it is not. In the process of registering an LLC, many nuances and questions arise, and those who have encountered a similar problem know about it firsthand.

Registration of LLC with the company “Hestoria Ukraine-Plus”

Anyone who registers their company for the first time may need help in opening an LLC. Since in this case, instead of numerous litigations, the law firm reduces the registration period of an LLC to a minimum.

1. Registration of registration and statutory documents.

2. Selection of KVED.

3. Organization of obtaining an extract from the USR.

4. Registration of the charter of the LLC.

5. Registration of a turnkey LLC.

6. Registration of EDS (electronic digital signature).

7. Preparation of protocol documentation.

8. Assistance in choosing a taxation system.

9. Assistance in the formation of the authorized capital of the enterprise.

10. Assistance in registration of the legal address of the company.

11. Assistance in re-registration of the company.

Additionally, our company provides:

  • Services of a lawyer, notary.
  • Legal advice.
  • Legal address lease.
  • Assistance in registering the status of a VAT / Single Tax payer.
  • Making a seal (if desired).

Including other related legal services.

Advantages of cooperation with the company “Hestoria Ukraine-Plus”

Why will it be convenient and profitable for you to cooperate with our company?

Our staff employs professional lawyers who know all the “pitfalls” of Ukrainian legislation, therefore, they are ready to competently and legally bypass all the disadvantageous business costs.
Each of our clients can count on a range of legal services, which include the services of a lawyer, accountant, financier.
We provide an individual approach and advise on any issue.
The result is guaranteed 100%, without delays and additional costs.

Despite the fact that the registration of an LLC in Ukraine is undergoing some changes and innovations, the lawyers of Hestoria Ukraine-Plus will be able to provide exactly those services that currently fully comply with the legislation of Ukraine.

Upon completion of registration of the LLC, the client receives:

1. Extract from the Unified State Register of LLC registration.

2. Constituent documents of the LLC.

3. Registration of the status of a VAT / Single Tax payer.

4. Print (if desired).

And all this on favorable, acceptable and cost-effective terms.

Therefore, if you value time and money, please contact our company, we guarantee the result.


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