To expand commercial activities, foreign businessmen make capital investments in other countries in the following areas: agricultural business, IT companies, energy, transport, construction, trade. To open a representative office of a foreign company on the territory of Ukraine, they need to study many nuances during the registration process. An advantageous option is to use the services of Gestoria Ukraine-Plus. This saves businessmen from many legal errors and bureaucratic troubles associated with preparing documents according to the prescribed forms, obtaining certificates, and translating documents. You do not need to follow the entire registration process, obtaining documents, opening accounts.

Our company provides the following types of services:

  • assistance in selection of codes of the Classifier of types of economic activity and determination of the taxation system;

  • collection of a complete set of documents according to the established forms, which will be needed when opening a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine;

  • registration of a representative office with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;

  • opening bank accounts of type “P” or “H”;

  • assistance in registration of the client’s business at all stages of registration;

  •  preparation of documents for registration with the tax office with obtaining the status of a VAT payer (when necessary).


Foreign representation – what is it

The representative office does not have the status of a legal entity. This is a remote division of a foreign business entity. It does not have a separate name, property. The representative office represents the interests of the main company.

In the event of debts arising from a representative office in Ukraine, the responsibility for their repayment, among other things, rests with a foreign company, which is responsible for all agreements concluded.

Registration of a representative office of a foreign company allows entrepreneurs to engage in commercial activities on the territory of Ukraine, taking into account its legislation.

Representations are divided into two types:

  • non-commercial – without the right to conduct economic activities;

  • trade (in other words – permanent) – with the right to conduct business activities and provide services.

Regardless of the type of representative office, registration of a branch of a foreign company is mandatory.

The main stages of registration of a representative office

Consider the registration process step by step. For this you should:

  1. Collect, execute and submit to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture a complete package of documents, certificates, extracts required for registration of a foreign representative office.

  2. Wait for the decision of the Ministry of Economy. The established terms are up to 20 working days.

  3. To open a representative office, the head should obtain a certificate of registration.

  4. After receiving the certificate of registration of the representative office, other documents, within a period not later than 10 days, obtain code of the Unified register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine from the State Statistics Service.

  5. Solve the issues of registration with the State Tax Service at the location of the representative office.

  6. If there are employees, register as a payer of Unified contribution to compulsory social insurance.

  7. Register as a VAT payer if the volume of activity exceeds UAH 1 million/12 months.

  8. At the Ministry of Economy, obtain service cards for foreign employees of the representative office.

  9. Develop a Regulation indicating in it a list of areas of activity.

Features of trade and non-trade representations

For a non-trade representative office, an account of type “H” is opened in the bank. On the territory of Ukraine, he has no taxation.

A trade (permanent) representative office, when conducting full or partial business activities, has a permanent location of an office, warehouse, facility. The bank opens an account of type “P”.

Permanent representative offices for taxation purposes are equated to legal entities of Ukraine.

What documents are required for registration of foreign representative offices

To submit to the Ministry of Economy, you will need a package of documents:

  • an application for registration, written in any form, indicating information: the name of a foreign company, its country and location, contacts, city where a representative office is opened, bank account, field of activity and other data;

  • extract from the state register of the country – the main place of registration of the company;

  • certificate of an officially opened account with a banking institution;

  • bank statement confirming the payment of the state fee;

  • a power of attorney for the right to resolve representative issues in Ukraine, issued in accordance with the laws of the country of registration of the company;

  • permission from the state body of the country of registration, if required by law.

Documentation requirements They need:

  • certify at the notary’s office at the place of filing;

  • legalize in consular offices;

  • translate documents into Ukrainian.

Translation of documents must be performed by a professional translator, certify with his signature and seal.

Documents are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Sequence of registration of a foreign representative office

To open a foreign representative office in Ukraine, you need to know certain legal rules intended for this registration.

Registration takes place in 2 stages:

  1. Registration of a representative office in the Ministry of Economy with the provision of certificates, documents submitted in accordance with the established forms (the list is indicated above).

  2. Registration with various authorities: tax, statistics, etc. upon receipt of registration documents.


Wholesale, retail

Agricultural sector

Mass Media

Advertising agencies

The property

Hotel and restaurant business


IT industry and technologies

Medicine and pharmaceuticals


Chemical industry

Food industry

Non-profit, charitable organizations


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Travel business

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