Foreign businessmen will be able to expand their commercial activities by officially registering a foreign company in our country.

Gestoria Ukraine-Plus can help you open a foreign company without legal problems and bureaucratic delays. Our professional service provides turnkey registration of companies founded by persons with foreign citizenship on the territory of the Ukrainian state.

Why is it important to register a foreign business in Ukraine?

Registration of representation of foreign companies in our country has become popular, as it is profitable for modern businessmen.

Appropriate registration provides entrepreneurs to expand the range of potential consumers of their goods or services and allows them to conduct commercial activities in accordance with our legislation in Ukraine, using foreign investment for its development.

The organization in our country of a representative office of the company, the main office of which is located outside of Ukraine, also opens up the possibility of legal employment of foreign citizens in your Ukrainian branch.

What services does Gestoria Ukraine-Plus provide?

We offer the following types of legal assistance to our foreign partners:
• We help with the specifics of the businessman’s wishes and activities to find the best qualification of the business and determine the system of taxation;
• We prepare a full package of documentation necessary to register a foreign company in Ukraine;
• We take upon ourselves support of foreign clients business registration at all stages of its registration;
• We provide assistance in the registration of foreign firms in the tax office, as a result of which the foreign subjects of entrepreneurial and economic activities receive the status of a single tax and VAT payer.

If you are interested in comprehensive advice on registration of a foreign company in Ukraine, you can get it by contacting our qualified lawyers. Specialists have experience in all key sectors of national economy and rich practice of cooperation with legal entities and individuals, which are registered abroad.

Contact us, call us at the numbers listed on the website or email us – we guarantee results!

How to open a private entrepreneur in Ukraine?

Opening your own business is not an easy process, but it is doable. An important component of starting a business is registering as an individual entrepreneur. It is the most convenient and simple form of it.

Why do I need to be registered as a private entrepreneur?

Registration of a PE has a lot of advantages, one of which is the simplified system of taxation. It provides for payment of a single social contribution and a single tax. Also legalized entrepreneurial activity allows you to hire workers and not be afraid of criminal and administrative responsibility for tax evasion.

The registration of the PE in Ukraine involves three stages:
• information – the type of activity is determined according to the CEA;
• Documentary – collecting the necessary package of papers: copies of TIN and passport, as well as the application for opening a PE and the transition to the Unified tax (if you are not sure how to legalize your business, the experienced lawyers of our company will help you);
• Registration – submission of documents to the Center for Administrative Services.

Nowadays, it is possible to become a private entrepreneur without leaving home: it is possible to register a PE via the Internet. This method helps to save time and money, because there is no need to go to the appropriate authorities and stand in line.

Why choose our company for the registration of the PE?

Thanks to a large team of highly qualified specialists we will solve any legal problem in a short time. Our organization provides its services all over Ukraine. Contact us and get help from professionals.

We offer the following services for registration of PE:
• advice on opening a PE;
• assistance in the selection of the CEA and the taxation system;
• We will prepare all necessary documentation;
• We are engaged in support of registration and control of the work at all stages;
• We help you get registered with the tax service (we will formalize the status of a single tax and VAT payer).

We will facilitate the process of drawing up the necessary paperwork for successful entrepreneurial activity. Applying to the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” you are guaranteed to get high-quality services at a reasonable price.