Customs clearance is a complex of procedures that requires considerable skill, excellent knowledge and possession of the specifics of customs legislation, the ability to understand its many intricacies.

Customs is a body operating in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Customs brokers are specialists who know the legal framework better than customs officers in order to defend the rights of clients and prevent illegal actions.

For a business to be successful and profitable, it must be predictable. The knowledge and experience of a customs broker guarantees timely customs clearance and receipt of goods by clients.

The services of a customs broker, as well as customs clearance of goods, are in great demand due to the flow of import and export goods and the multi-stage system of customs verification. It is quite difficult to go through all the procedures on your own, especially without knowledge of the legislation and regulations for customs clearance of goods. Therefore, the most successful traders are looking in advance for a reliable partner who could be entrusted with the clearance of goods arriving from abroad or their departure to any part of the world.

Company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” has experience in providing customs brokerage services and offers qualified customs brokerage services in the city of Kyiv and the regions.

The whole range of services offered by our company allows you to avoid any problems at customs. It is our job to help you get rid of unforeseen expenses and business losses that may occur in case of unprofessional communication with representatives of the customs authorities. We start working with documents in advance, analyze the possible risks of raising the customs value, give recommendations to clients on documentation, calculate the financial costs of customs clearance of goods.

If you need not only high-quality customs brokerage services, but also powerful support for your company in foreign trade, we will be happy to help you with this.

What are the benefits of customs brokerage services?

  • selection of the optimal design option;
  • correct completion of documents;
  • timely notification of the payment of duties and other obligatory payments;
  • use of professional connections, if necessary, to find mutual understanding on working issues;
  • reducing the risk that customs officials will offer to raise the purchase price of the goods, which can lead to a significant increase in costs;
  • adequate prices for customs services: thanks to a flexible pricing policy, we offer each client convenient and favorable terms of cooperation;
  • attention to detail, which ultimately will minimize possible problems at customs, save your nerves and money;
  • it is possible to remotely submit declarations to customs in other regions of Ukraine;
  • legal legitimacy of actions.

The prices for the services of a customs broker depend on various factors. Please order a call back or contact us in any way convenient for you to clarify the price.

Prices for customs brokerage services (Price without VAT, single tax, UAH)

Accreditation of the company in the customs department from 1000 UAH
Preparation of the declaration of the IMPORT type from 2000 UAH
Preparing a declaration of the EXPORT type from 1800 UAH
Conducting a customs inspection with the preparation of a customs inspection report from 1000 UAH
Conducting an identification (preliminary) inspection from 1000 UAH
Preparation of a sampling letter and sampling report from 1000 UAH
Consultations on foreign economic activity, additional services contractual


Wholesale, retail

Agricultural sector

Mass Media

Advertising agencies

The property

Hotel and restaurant business


IT industry and technologies

Medicine and pharmaceuticals


Chemical industry

Food industry

Non-profit, charitable organizations


Hotel industry


Travel business

International trade