Contract drafting services

Business cannot develop without contracts. Often they are necessary for cooperation with investors, employees, purchase or sale of something, assignment of corporate rights, reorganization, state registration and other moments. According to the current legislation, more than ten types of contracts are used in the country, and an ordinary person cannot know about the peculiarities of each one without specific knowledge. Professional drafting of contracts is very popular.

Many firms and companies are increasingly abandoning template documents and developing individual business papers, in which they prescribe all the key points of interest to them. To avoid hiring a permanent lawyer, you can agree with our company on favorable cooperation and apply only when you need legal services. The price for the drawing up of the contract is set at an affordable price. This procedure should not be perceived as a mere formality. It can lead to the loss of rights or finances if the businessman contacts fraudsters.

Why should I consult a lawyer to draw up a contract?

It is impossible to develop an individual contract without experience and legal knowledge. The help of a lawyer for economic affairs, who knows all the nuances of the law, can predict the potential negative consequences and choose favorable for the client of the transaction, the terms of cooperation, is necessary.

What questions can a professional help solve?

A qualified lawyer provides services for drafting contracts of varying levels of complexity. It can be a document on the hiring of a new employee for the workplace or the sale of a large plot of land. An individual solution will be found for each issue.

List of services:

  • consultation;
  • selection of the necessary type of contract;
  • choosing the right type of contract;
  • drafting the document;
  • coordination of the structure with the client;
  • providing an electronic and paper version.

The lawyer will assist in drafting the contract until it is concluded and signed. The client can ask a question or a problem at any time.

Advantages of cooperation with Gestoria Ukraine-Plus

We offer professional services. The cost of drafting and executing contracts is affordable. It is better to pay for a developed document once, than to hire a lawyer to go to court and protect the rights of the client.


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