Абонентское обслуживание The company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provides subscriber legal service of companies in Kiev. A team of experienced professionals in the field of law provides advice, assistance in processing transactions, represents the interests of business in the supervisory authorities and court. The main difference between comprehensive services from in-house lawyer – providing legal assistance team of professionals.

Most often, subscription legal services in our company are chosen by those clients who do not want to include a lawyer in their staff on a permanent basis. Because often it is not at all profitable.

Subscription legal service

Doing business without legal support is difficult and risky. Subscription legal support in the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” is a complex assistance of a team of experts in different fields of law. This professional advice, representation of interests in court proceedings, servicing of transactions and contracts.

Why do I need a subscription service and what are the advantages?

The opinion that it is easier to work with one lawyer is wrong. Practice of famous world companies shows the choice in favor of subscription legal support of business (legal outsourcing). This is explained by the absence of expenses on salaries, taxes and extensive experience in various areas of jurisprudence.

Subscription legal service organizations in “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provides:

  • saving money and time;
  • professional advice;
  • continuous, systematic support;
  • guaranteed confidentiality;
  • minimization of financial and tax risks;
  • legal security of doing business.


Our lawyers make a preliminary calculation of risks and costs, so we never have an “unexpected” waste of the client’s budget for the service.

The main goal of Gestoria Ukraine-Plus is qualitative provision of legal services for intensive and systematic growth of the financial well-being of the client’s company.

Pros and cons of hiring a lawyer

Does an in-house lawyer provide documents, advice and other services better and faster than outsourcers? No. In the world of digital transformation, you can solve an issue with a single call or message.

The experience of a team of specialists is definitely greater than that of a single employee. The joint practice and objectivity of the outsourcers helps make the best decision possible. This minimizes the entrepreneur’s risks and helps to develop successfully. It is difficult for a narrow specialist to understand several spheres of law simultaneously, to keep track of changes in legislation, so a team of experts works on legal issues much more effectively.

What does the client get after signing the contract?

The list of services is determined by bilateral agreement. The company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” offers two formats of cooperation:

  • subscriber legal service;
  • solving individual problems.

Comprehensive support is provided to business entities of different forms of ownership as legal services for LLC, publicly traded company, individual entrepreneur. Continuous support will ensure an objective approach to solving business problems and prevent financial losses.

The company Gestoria Ukraine-Plus has been providing legal services to companies since 2013. All specialists in addition to higher specialized education have extensive experience. Provide legal services to organizations and entrepreneurs of different spheres of activity. We guarantee:

  • individual approach;
  • full confidentiality;
  • 24/7 support;
  • professional recommendations.

Subscription legal support for small and medium-sized businesses

Belonging to a small or medium-sized business depends on three parameters: assets, annual turnover and number of employees. In Ukraine, small businesses include entrepreneurs and companies with revenues up to 8 million euros, assets up to 4 million euros and a number of employees from 10 to 50 people. Medium business – are companies with revenues from 8 to 40 million euros, assets – 4-20 million euros, employees – from 50 to 250 people.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the cost of an in-house lawyer is not always appropriate. Subscription legal service for individuals and businesses will provide interaction with regulatory and permitting authorities and other legal issues.

List of services included in the legal service for business

Company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” specializes in legal services for legal entities and entrepreneurs in Kiev. Subscription services can include such services:

  • solving of judicial corporate disputes;
  • legal assessment of investors and counterparties;
  • assistance in concluding agreements and contracts;
  • legal audit of the company, entitlement document, internal documentation;
  • services for the preparation of documents for obtaining permits, certificates, licenses, conclusions, etc.;
  • change of information in the constituent documents with subsequent registration;
  • services for the documentation of international treaties;
  • presence during inspections by regulatory authorities;
  • labor relations formalization;
  • trademark registration services;
  • copyright protection;
  • assistance in debt collection;
  • support of the judicial process;
  • drawing up of claims, lawsuits.

Timely legal service will prevent losses, help to conduct business successfully and legally.

When and who benefits from a subscription service contract

Legal services for businesses is required both at the beginning of the activity, as well as the stage of successful development. Why?

Beginning businessmen

At the stage of opening, when there is not yet a permanent lawyer on the staff, the entrepreneur has to solve problems continuously and in large numbers. A novice entrepreneur can face a number of problems. Lack of legal knowledge and professional advice is fraught with financial losses, penalties, and litigation.

Operating companies

If the firm is operating successfully, you can’t do without legal support either. Maintaining a legal department on a permanent basis is expensive. An alternative to a staff lawyer is subscription service. As practice shows, large companies in Kiev most often need advice on the following issues:

  1. Services for obtaining patents, licenses, permits
  2. Firing or reduction of employees, labor disputes
  3. Trademark Registration Service
  4. Inspections of tax authorities and other controlling bodies
  5. Court dispute resolution
  6. Copyright protection.
  7. Contract work


Legal service of companies in “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” is optimization of costs and the key to successful work.

Prices for subscription legal support for business

One of the determining factors for ordering subscriber service of legal entities in Kiev is the price. We guarantee that cooperation with our company will be cheaper than the maintenance of a staff lawyer or services of the whole department. Prices for subscriber services in Kiev depends on:


  • the frequency of preparation of documents;
  • the need for audit, legal expertise of documents;
  • changes in the Statute and registration of these changes;
  • Presence at negotiations, inspections by controlling authorities;
  • representation of client’s interests in court proceedings;
  • frequency and duration of consultations with specialists;
  • obtaining licenses, permits, etc.


In general, the cost of legal services for legal entities will depend on the hours of service and the number of documents.

Subscription legal services for businesses and individuals are provided at Gestoria on the basis of an agreement that determines the duration of cooperation and the cost of services.

Legal services from Gestoria Ukraine-Plus

More and more modern entrepreneurs are turning to legal outsourcing. Reasons for contacting our company:

  • constantly in need of legal assistance;
  • do not have legal knowledge;
  • want to pay more attention to the development of the company;
  • need confidence in the legality of the paperwork;
  • you need the help of a qualified lawyer
  • want to minimize the risks when signing contracts.

Contact Gestoria Ukraine-Plus – we will always be glad to help you.

What is included in the service:

  • legal advice;
  • selection of laws and regulations;
  • analysis of documentation of your company;
  • carrying out legal examination of documents;
  • services for execution and registration of statutory documentation;
  • expert assistance in negotiations (litigation)
  • services for documentary registration of LLC, private entrepreneur.
  • development and proofreading of treaties, contracts, agreements, etc.

We are located in Kiev and provide one-time legal services and subscription services. We provide continuous support, represent the interests of companies in court and regulatory authorities.


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