Legal services for businesses are an integral part of a company’s operations. Clients need a qualified specialist, from the moment of registration of the company, to its sale or liquidation. Company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provides a full range of legal services, including: obtaining permits for the activities of the business, legal consultation, subscriber legal service, tax consulting, resolving disputes and other legal and accounting services.

Legal services for business: who and why they need

Qualified legal assistance is a special type of protection of rights and interests, which may be needed by every person, company or other group of persons. Legal services are provided by qualified specialists in the field of law – lawyers, notaries, attorneys, arbitration managers. Often, a lawyer is each of the above specialists, but provides services, in its narrow direction.

Advantages of legal advice from specialists of Gestoria Ukraine-Plus

Highly professional lawyers usually specialize in different spheres of law, including: criminal, civil, economic, labor, corporate, tax, land, family, as well as other areas of law, which allows you to save on narrow specialists. Lawyer’s services in Ukraine should be chosen primarily from the personal needs. For example, if there is an ordinary economic or labor dispute situation – there is no point in seeking help from arbitration managers. The situation can be solved by a lawyer. If you have a variety of issues that require the attention of specialists with different knowledge – a law firm, with a staff of specialists in different areas of law, this is what you need.

Specialists of the law company will help to solve all problems in the most efficient way at the highest professional level. At the same time to minimize costs and save the client’s time. The sphere of jurisprudence is so vast that one should not be careless in choosing a lawyer. Therefore, it will be reasonable to use the services of legal services from the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus”, which can pick up the right specialist in providing legal assistance. If necessary, you can also get a legal assessment from several professionals of the company, to see the situation from different sides, and quickly come to the desired result.

Gestoria Ukraine-Plus provides a full range of legal services at a high professional level. Prices for legal services are acceptable and affordable, negotiated individually, based on the needs and demands of the client.

Our company has been providing quality services to businesses for more than 7 years. During this time, we have solved many difficult problems and gained the trust of our clients. Since we conduct absolutely transparent business, where there is no place for “additional” fees and “unforeseen” situations, we work strictly according to agreement and only in the interests of our clients.

Company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” provides both one-time legal services and legal services not only to legal persons or private individuals-entrepreneurs, but also to individuals. We offer the following legal services in Kiev:

  1. Consultations of qualified lawyers.
  2. Solution of legal issues.
  3. Providing legal interests of the company.
  4. Preparation of reports and legal documentation.
  5. Assistance in choosing the type of entrepreneurial activity.
  6. Assistance in the elimination of entrepreneurial activity.
  7. Registration of business in Ukraine on a turnkey basis.
  8. Analysis of investment, taxation, corporate cooperation.
  9. Solving issues in obtaining licenses, permits, patents.
  10. Full support of business processes of foreign investment.
  11. Representation of interests in state bodies.
  12. Support during interrogations.


By contacting us, the client can mind their own business and not worry about legal problems.

  1. The advantages of legal services at Gestoria Ukraine-Plus:
  2. Well-established system of legal services throughout Ukraine.
  3. Full confidentiality of consultations with a lawyer.
  4. Staff of certified, qualified specialists in different areas of law.
  5. Wide range of legal services.
  6. Profitable cost of legal services, convenient payment.

Legal advice: frequent questions

Lawyers of the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” are some of the best specialists of Ukraine, having recognition and authority among clients. If you have a company, you know exactly how valuable today are competent lawyers who can help solve any problems arising in the course of activity. Today our country is in a dynamic development, every month laws are changing, the amendments to existing legislation, and from this suffer, first and foremost, the owners of small and medium-sized businesses.


Due to these circumstances, taxpayers themselves do not have time to identify changes, take into account errors of action, and all this eventually translates into additional inspections, protracted disputes and penalties. To avoid all this it is necessary to entrust the conduct of all legal matters – to qualified specialists with experience. After all, as our practice shows, in 90% of cases, entrepreneurs need legal support and cannot handle most legal issues on their own.



Therefore, consultation with a lawyer at Gestoria Ukraine-Plus is the best way to get quality and professional legal assistance in resolving any legal issue.


Types of legal advice at Gestoria Ukraine-Plus

Get legal services you can right now, using the contact information on our website. In our company you can order a paid legal consultation, in the form of:


  1. Online legal consultation.
  2. Hourly legal consultation.
  3. Legal consultation (as an addition during the registration of a license, opening a company).
  4. Advisory support for projects (payment is agreed).


That’s why, working with us, you will be sure that “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” is a law firm that can provide you:


  1. Individual approach.
  2. The high quality of services.


Wholesale, retail

Agricultural sector

Mass Media

Advertising agencies

The property

Hotel and restaurant business


IT industry and technologies

Medicine and pharmaceuticals


Chemical industry

Food industry

Non-profit, charitable organizations


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