In Ukraine there is an opportunity to register a trademark of various types – verbal, graphic, volumetric and others. The applicant may have the status of a legal or natural person, be a resident or non-resident of Ukraine. To solve all current issues related to registration, the company “Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” will help.


Why TM is needed ?

Brand registration opens up many opportunities for the entrepreneur. First of all, a trademark is a guarantee of the safety of the goods it produces. Secondly, the brand offers the possibility of organizing a franchise.


In addition, TM allows you to increase the value of goods, to apply a unique mark. Registering a trademark for the domain “ua” also opens up the possibility of registering a prestigious resource, which will undoubtedly bring good profits to its owner.


Services offered by Gestoria Ukraine-Plus

Trademark registration is one of the priority activities of Gestoria Ukraine-Plus. Our qualified specialists will help:

  1. Choose a class. It is worth clearly understanding for what goods, services will be issued TM.
  2. Conduct a preliminary search. It helps to make sure that a similar brand has not been previously registered.
  3. Make an application. It is made in any form.
  4. Submit documents to Ukrpatent. Our specialists will help you to collect the whole package, prepare documents, give comprehensive advice on all issues of registration.
  5. Trace the decision to issue the certificate. Publication and issuance of the certificate is the final stage of TM registration. The official document, which is valid for 10 years, is issued by Ukrpatent. Subsequently, this term can be prolonged an unlimited number of times.

Throughout the procedure of registration the client is accompanied and comprehensive assistance in obtaining a certificate. If needed, the necessary additional information on requests of Ukrpatent is provided.

Required documents for trademark registration

On average, it takes about 18 months to register a trademark for an individual or a legal entity. There is a possibility of accelerated registration – it is necessary to pay the appropriate fee. To register a trademark, a package of documents needs to be assembled before submitting an application:

  • application for registration of the mark;
  • basic information about the applicant;
  • quality brand image;
  • a list of products, services, businesses for which the TM is requested.

How to apply for a TM

Trademark registration (the price depends on the type, class and other factors) is a job that is better left to professionals. Our company will provide legal support at every stage of registration and will help to obtain legal protection of the brand.

In order to take advantage of our services, call us at the phone numbers listed or make an online application directly on our website. We will help you register your brand correctly and quickly, reasonable price and compliance with deadlines – guaranteed.


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