Tax consulting is the health of your business.


Consulting is a systematic and independent view of a specialist or expert on the work, and financial statements of the company.


Tax and financial consulting will ensure the healthy prosperity of business, correct mistakes made, reduce the tax burden, and costs, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular company.


A big businessman or a simple entrepreneur is completely involved in the sphere of his activity. They have been building their business piece by piece, increasing their income, year by year, trying to take into account different aspects of the tax law. But there comes a point when a lot of effort is put in, but little profit is made from the effort. Such unpleasant stalemates can be resolved by competent and progressive entrepreneurs with the help of tax consulting specialists.


Consulting company looks at the production or business not as a favorite child of the head, but as a system that is sick and needs to be cured. The ways of business recovery can be quite different and completely different from the actions to improve the company, which the manager took before applying for tax consulting services.


Example of using tax consulting :

  • the manager changed the style and structure of management, and should have changed the investment areas;
  • the manager changes the personnel, and we should just develop a more effective system of motivation for employees;
  • incorrect paperwork interferes with accurate financial reporting, resulting in losses for the company.


The company’s tax consulting services expert, after conducting the research, will give the manager recommendations that can cure the business or move a healthy enterprise to higher efficiency.


The most widespread and effective type of consulting services is tax and financial consulting. This type of consulting services is worthily provided by Gestoria Ukraine-Plus company. Tax consulting consists of several directions.


Areas of tax consulting services


  • tax analysis, which includes an independent assessment of the correctness of payments of taxes and deductions to the budget, and their reflection in the tax accounting, the correction of possible system errors, as well as the identification of errors from past periods;
  • tax consultation helps to choose a system of taxation, informs about changes in tax legislation, advises foreign companies on taxation issues, advises on tax examination of contracts;
  • tax planning, which can be useful in investment planning, to save from penalties and unjustified financial risks;
  • tax reporting is an integral part of any business and its accuracy and timeliness can determine the further development of the enterprise. If necessary, reporting can be prepared for the controlling state structures;
  • full tax support is a complex of tax consulting services, including planning, analysis and reporting.


The cost of tax consulting, services of Gestoria Ukraine-Plus, are democratic and individual for every entrepreneur and businessman in Kiev and Ukraine. The price you pay for tax and financial consulting will be surprisingly acceptable.


Tax consulting is a fast and timely assistance in any financial issue. Tax consulting will significantly facilitate life of your enterprise and increase profitability of your business at minimum costs.


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Agricultural sector

Mass Media

Advertising agencies

The property

Hotel and restaurant business


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