Forced audit – a comprehensive audit check, provided by the current legislation of Ukraine. Forced audit is conducted for companies that are required to conduct annual audit of financial statements in accordance with the law:


  • public joint-stock companies;
  • insurance companies;
  • financial companies;
  • bond issuers;
  • non-state pension funds



The main purpose of the forced audit is confirmation reliability of financial statements enterprise. Team Specialists
“Gestoria Ukraine-Plus” are implementing financial audit, according to standards accounting of Ukraine (CSB) and
international financial reporting (IFRS). Thanks to the rich experience of our employees in conducting
audit at enterprises of different industries, audit, conducted by the company “Hestoria Ukraine-Plus”, will increase the credibility of information provided by you and will enable you to determine the real estimate the value of your business.


  • Agrarian sector
  • Pharmaceutics
  • IT-industry and technologies
  • Building and real estate
  • Insurance activity
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • International trade
  • A tourist sector


  • Family law
  • Housing law
  • Labor law
  • Taxation
  • Real estate
  • Land law
  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property
  • Securities
  • Banking and Finance Law

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