Intellectual property. Copyright law

According to the Civil Code of Ukraine, intellectual property is a set of exclusive rights of
a person for particular intangible or (and) tangible results of his intellectual or (and)
creative work, or any other intellectual property as defined by the Intellectual Property
Code or other law.

Intellectual property rights can also be appreciated as a result of hard work, creativity and intellectual abilities of the person and such intellectual property rights need to be protected in the same way as any other tangible property.



The rights of intellectual property include copyrights to the works of science, literature and art, patents, copyrights, computer programs, websites, domains, trademarks, inventions, technical designs, trade secrets,
trade and business names, etc.



Our services in the practice of copyright law and intellectual property rights are:


  • Registration of a trademark
  • Registration of copyright and related rights
  • Preparation of licensing agreements, including the agreement exclusive and non- exclusive license
  • Registration of license agreement
  • Drafting of franchise agreements (franchise)
  • Drafting of contracts and other documents related to transactions with intellectual property
  • Transactional Support of intellectual property (sale, transfer of rights, etc.)
  • Copyright Protection
  • Representation of client’s interests before the official authorities and in the courts of all instances
  • Full service intellectual property representation



You can make no doubt that you and your interests will be legally protected with


  • Agrarian sector
  • Pharmaceutics
  • IT-industry and technologies
  • Building and real estate
  • Insurance activity
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • International trade
  • A tourist sector


  • Family law
  • Housing law
  • Labor law
  • Taxation
  • Real estate
  • Land law
  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property
  • Securities
  • Banking and Finance Law

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